Spatique – Waxing

For my monthly waxing, I bought a deal online – $22 for Brazillian waxing at Spatique.

It’s a neighbourhood salon, located in Bedok. I usually avoid neighbourhood salons but since Bedok isn’t too far, I went ahead.

The experience was quite pleasant. They used hardwax. No hardselling during the treatment and she didn’t ask me irrelevant question (like, how often do you wax? How much would you pay for package?).

However, the sales consultant was very pushy. I was in a hurry to go off but she just went on trying to sell me her packages.

She said 1 time cost $60, but tried to sell me a package of $199 for 5 times = $39.80 each. I declined. Then she somehow mentioned $199 for 6 times, so each time is $33. I declined. Then she asked is it I don’t like their waxing. I said no. Then she tried her luck to confuse me (haha fat hope I’m not easily confused) by saying $199 x 2 = $398 will get 30% off (??)and can be used on any waxing. It doesn’t make any sense. I declined, and said no I only do brazillian wax because I have armpit IPL package.

She then told me that paying by nets will entitle me to 50% off, but I had to buy for 10 times which cost $300. Now, this price was low, so I was tempted but I told her I needed to think about it (and they are so cunning! If there’s a cheaper price, why introduce the expensive package in the first place?).

Then she told me about this GSS package, 3 spa services to be redeemed on the same day for $68. I declined it.

She still didn’t let me go! She tried saying, how about pay another $22 for 1 more session. I was thinking “ok that’s cheap, but why should I pay $22 to come just once more, and go through this again on the next visit??” so I declined and I THOUGHT I COULD GO and said I will consider about the $300 for 10 times package.

Then, she said, not interested in the $68 one? I said no, I only do waxing. THEN she said, $68 for 3 times of waxing. Works out to be $22.60 each time. So, to get my ass out of here, I agreed.

So that’s officially, the first ‘package’ for waxing I ever bought.


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