Nadaman – Lunch II

My pleasant first experience at Nadaman 2 weeks ago made me return again today.

I ordered the Tempura Soba and Sushi set ($40) while my partner ordered the Hiru Kaiseiki by Head Chef Koichi Ota ($60).

My set consists of: appetiser, chawamushi, cha soba, 3 piece nigiri sushi and mixed tempura.


The appetiser was a mixture of vegetables and seaweed with bonito flakes.


The chawanmushi was as silky and soft as before.

Soba, Tempura and Sushi

The cha soba was al dente. It was springy and firm. The taste of it was delicious too! It’s definitely one of the best cha soba around.


The tempura, however, was kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to a fluffy, crumbly batter but this batter wasn’t of that texture. However, it was fried crispy and hot when served so it still tasted alright.

The sushi was very well pressed and didn’t fall apart when picked up. However, the sushi rice was kind of undercooked. Hard grains were detectable. The salmon belly was the best piece among the 3.

For the Hiru Kaiseki, there were 7 courses.

It changes monthly and for June, this was the menu.


Clear soup

Sashimi – Maguro and Hirame

The maguro was very soft and the colour was paler than normal. It could actually be a part near belly.

Deep fried dish – sword fish

As much as I love swordfish sashimi, I had doubts that cooked swordfish will taste normal. However, this was alright. The meat was firm and chewy but it wasn’t dry.

Simmered dish – cabbage and sliced beef roll

This dish was very flavourful. I found this to be more outstanding than the deep fried dish.

Rice & Miso soup

The Kaiseiki came with sweet potato steamed rice instead of fried rice, as seen on my last visit. My dining partner said that the fried rice was better.

Dessert – Red bean mousse with coconut milk

On my previous visit, we had this too and it was very good. However, today’s version was softer and less chewy. Texture wise, it wasn’t that good today.

Comparing to my previous visit, I would recommend getting the Teppanyaki Mini Course that I had that time. It consists of 7 courses and cost only $45. But on a whole, today’s experience there was as good and it remains as one of my favourite restaurants.

For restaurant information, please view my previous post on Nadaman. Do reserve a table online to enjoy 40% off. Promotion ends 31st July 2011.



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