Novus Restaurant & Bar II – Lunch


I enjoyed my meal last week so much that I decided to return, and try out other dishes!

As I didn’t really like their chairs, I requested for a sofa seat this time. It was better!

The bread was served warm, as usual.

Amuse Bouche – Oyster leaves with lemon gel

Cured Salmon

As usual, we ordered the set lunch, and this was my appetizer. The cured salmon was good. it wasn’t like smoked salmon but it was cubes of salmon cured. It looked totally translucent. However, the accompanying items were all citrusy and a bit too acidic for me, who came with an empty stomach. It was very refreshing though, with grape fruit, blood orange, tangerine/ orange, and yuzu.

Joselito Iberico Ham

Parma ham is outdated and Iberico ham is the ham of the new age. It didn’t resemble parma ham at all, as this was cured, and the texture was kind of like bak kwa but a much thinner version.

The rainbow olives were such a pretty sight.

This drink was served together with the Joselito Iberico Ham, with an olive in it.

Berkshire Porkbelly & Saffron Risotto

I had this for my main course. The amount of pork belly given was petty generous. It was very tender and soft, and didn’t any smelly pork smell so I guess it was rather fresh. The risotto was rich and creamy and cooked to perfection. However, it was kind of too salty for me, probably due to the brown sauce.

Stuffed & Rolled Organic Chicken

We usually avoid chicken as a main course as chicken isn’t our favourite meat, and chicken breast in particular tends to be tough. However, this sous vide chicken was very tender, juicy and flavourful! My dining partner loved it. I would say this is one of the better main courses!

Black Sesame & Mango

This was my first time trying a combination of black sesame and mango and it actually went quite well. The meringue was like a semi solid which disintegrated when I scooped it with my spoon. The centre was filled with strawberry ice cream which also went well with the black sesame and tangy mango crème. As much as I liked this dessert, I was more fascinated with the one my dining partner had.

Valrhona Chocolate Test

This dessert tasted as good as it looked interesting, save for the 85% dehydrated chocolate which tasted like dried and curdled milo powder to me.

The whole series was supposed be to eaten from left to right, in increasing amount of valrhona chocolate.

I personally liked the 35% aerated mousse the best, and what made it better was the sprinkles on it which fizzes in your mouth.

Coffee or tea was included in the menu and there were several choices. The Jasmine Green Tea my dining partner took was exceptionally fragrant. Last week we weren’t offered coffee or tea and I guess it was negligence on their part.

As usual, they gave us cupcakes and a free parking coupon as we left.

Overall, for the Wild Mushroom Menu by Novus, I would recommend the Yellowfin Tuna or Foie Gras Anglaise as the best appetiser, the Stuffed & Rolled Organic Chicken as the best main, and the Valrhona Chocolate Test or the Raspberry Curd Soufflé as the best dessert.

For more about Novus, view my previous entry.


4 thoughts on “Novus Restaurant & Bar II – Lunch

  1. Hi Hungry 😀 I love your review regarding this very restaurant, Novus@ Great job. However I’m wondering if you have tried their dinner as well?? is there much differences between their lunch set menu and dinner set menu?

    thanks before 😉

    • Hi!
      Sorry I haven’t tried their dinner before. They serve ala carte and 6 course degustation for dinner, and probably 3 course meals (but more than $40++) as well but I can’t be too sure about the latter. their current menu is available here and if you notice for lunch they serve dishes from their ala carte menu, hence it’s much more worth it to come during lunch, as the cost of one main course is already more than the 2 course set ($32++) or 3 course set ($40++) during lunch, unless you want to try items not available during lunch.

  2. Thank you for such a quick reply!! xD

    my final question would be.. Shall I make a reservation for the lunch or just go to the place?? I really appreciate it

    Amazing Blog Hungry Bird 🙂

    • hey thanks for the compliments 🙂

      The restaurant isn’t crowded during lunch time, so i guess you can just go to the place. note that they are closed on Sundays! and do avoid walk in during Restaurant Week (10th Oct – 15th Oct) as i suppose they will be more crowded than usual and you may want to reserve to avoid waiting (and actually when restaurants gets crowded i’ll tend to suspect my quality of food and service will be divided :S).

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