Chu Dao 厨道 – Dinner

I happened to notice this fairly new restaurant the old fashioned way – by walking pass it one day, and it looked interesting enough to make me feel like trying it soon. It is located in Joo Chiat, not a location which will attract everyone, as not everyone lives nearby. However it is located right in front of a bus stop and public car park, so it’s not that hard to get there, except that there is only 1 bus.

The restaurant isn’t big nor does it look upscale. It was pretty much a normal looking Chinese restaurant that you would except from a shop house in Joo Chiat.

As it was the Lunar New Year, they offered several set menus and we decided to have the 6 course Prosperous Dragon Menu which was $138++/4pax.


Yu Sheng with Norwegian Salmon

They do sell their Yu Sheng for take away as well, $18 for small and $38 for large. I find this Yu Sheng to be quite tasty when I’m not even a fan of Yu Sheng in general.


Chicken Consommé with Flower Mushroom

The soup was tasty (I sure hope it is not MSG) and the mushroom was chewy, but the chicken meat in the soup can be softer.


Barbeque Duck with Lychee Wood

The specialty at this restaurant is supposedly the peking duck but they didn’t have that during CNY. Instead, they serve barbeque duck. The price of their barbeque duck and peking duck is the same, at $38 for half and $68 for one.

The skin of this duck was crispy and flavorful, except less waxy than that of peking duck. The meat was tender and didn’t have the pungent animalic smell some ducks would have. Overall, this was quite a good roasted duck. I would love to try their peking duck when it’s available.


Homemade Egg Bean Curd with Shrimp Paste, Crabmeat and Roe in Pi Pa Style

Indeed the bean curd was home made as it was filled with an assortment of fillings rather than plain tofu. I only had a mouth of it so I couldn’t really make out what was in it but there was something crunchy, like water chestnut.


Braised Yellow Noodles with Prawn wrapped in O Ba Leaf

This noodle dish was decent but it was nothing spectacular. Each portion only had 2 prawns.


Chilled Rosella Flower Jelly with Diced Mango

The jelly tasted somewhat like ribena. It was nothing too special and I would prefer something simple like mango pudding rather than this actually.



Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: I liked the Yu Sheng and duck the best from this meal! I would recommend the duck.


Chu Dao

45 Joo Chiat Place


Singapore 427769


Tel: 63441925


Mon–Sun: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–11pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Public car park at Tembling Road

By Bus:



2 thoughts on “Chu Dao 厨道 – Dinner

  1. I went with my family, unimpressed with the quality of food & service .Will not consider going back again .if you look at the photo of their roast duck it reminds me of the wet market stall selling dry & dull color ducks . I rather go Crystal Jade or Imperial Treasure for roast duck ,why pay more for wet market duck ?

    Atmosphere is also unfriendly , during new opening ,chefs walk in and out BUT never even smile or show patrons they are welcomed. Big disappointment.

    • actually i was aiming for peking duck but they didn’t have it during CNY season so no choice had the roast duck. actually, i do not even eat roast duck on a normal basis because normal hawker roast duck got that ‘smelly’ dusk taste and dry texture but i personally found this place’s one different from that because i can actually eat it without feeling disgusted and the skin was different too. the colour i had was not the dull colour duck which i loathe for sure.

      For peking duck, not roast duck as i only tried peking duck before at crystal jade palace and imperial treasure, do not try the peking duck at those 2 restaurants because the former is nothing special and the latter is horrible. i’ve done a review about imperiaL treasure nan bei’s and i believe its the same standard for other lower end outlets. however their specialty restaurant imperial treasure super peking duck might be different. Paradise Pavillion at Marina Bay Financial Centre and Royal China at Raffles Hotel has good peking duck too, check my review. do try those 2 places if you want good peking duck but it’s $68 or $88 a duck!

      hope this information leads you to a better duck. 🙂

      but I agree that among the many choices of restaurants there could be better options. i only considered chu dao because its walkable from home and open during CNY and had availability!

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