RWS Malaysian Food Street

I was invited by RWS I’ve never their Malaysian Food Street Fans’ Night Out, to try out their signature dishes and attend a masterclass by Chef Adolf to learn how Penang Char Koay Teow and KL Hokkien Mee is made.

First of all – I have never tried Malaysian food in my life before so this is a first time for me and an interesting experience! I am always happy to attempt new things. I even had to make a new category on my blog for this cuisine.

The set up of the area looks a lot like a TV set, part of Universal Studios or in some pictures, a real street. Quite an interesting twist compared to a regular food court which is boring.


There are 19 different stalls to choose from, each specialising in a specific dish. Click to enlarge.

The evening started with the cooking demonstration of Penang Char Koay Teow. For easy reference, the ingredients are added in the order from left to right, row by row. Lard is used for best flavour. Everything gets into the wok (or skillet) including the spring onions.

For the Hokkien Mee, it requires more effort. The pork slices and seafood was sauteed in lard before chicken stock was poured in. The noodles were and vegetables were added together with the dark soya sauce and light soya sauce and it was to be simmered for about 7 minutes until the stock dries up and flavours get soaked in.

From the demonstration they both look like simple dishes we can prepare at home, but then again skill and experience is involved to make the taste right.


There were 6 items on the menu tonight and I would get to try the above dishes. In the professional images above it shows the full portion of the dishes. Thankfully, everything was served to me in smaller tasting portions because it would be way too much. Normally just 1 dish is enough to fill for a meal! The Durian Chendol and Duck Satay are limited edition items. More on that later.

As every stall is helmed by different cooks I will rate the dishes individually.

Penang Lim Brothers’ Char Koay Teow – 6.5/10

This is my first time trying Penang style Char Koay Teow and it is totally different from Singapore’s, it shouldn’t even be brought up together for discussion. Instead, this was a lot more similar to Pad Thai! The chef explained that this was due to the geographical location of Penang being close to Thailand, thus the Thai influence in this dish. Unlike Pad Thai where half the ingredients are added only after frying (like peanuts or bean sprouts), everything is thrown into the wok to be cooked here. Other than that, it really does remind me of Pad Thai and it was not bad. Singapore’s Char Kway Teow is usually darker and sweeter due to the use of dark soya sauce but this one uses light soya sauce, hence the different flavour.

Jalan Alor KL Hokkien Mee – 6/10

It was my first time eating such thick yellow noodles (which I never expect to have existed) and it was quite interesting. It’s totally different from Singapore’s Hokkien Mee so I wouldn’t even compare them both. Instead of our local Hokkien Mee, I think this reminds me of the noodles you eat in Chinese restaurants, like when you get your peking duck meat fried with noodles. I liked the home-made chilli belachan sauce.

Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee – 7/10

Among all the permanent dishes I tried, I vote this as my favourite. The broth was very flavourful and that’s what prawn mee soup is all about!

Malacca Chicken Rice Ball – 5/10The chicken rice wasn’t a lot different from Singapore’s other than the unique shape of the rice and I think this did not score that well tonight.

Durian Chendol – Septemper 2014’s special dish.  7/10

They do serve the regular chendol without the durian puree regularly, at $2.80 a bowl. The gula melaka is specially imported from Malacca. It was rich in flavour without being overly sweet. That made up for the lack lustre coconut milk used for the chendol and overall I liked it and polished the whole bowl. This would be a 7.5/10 if the coconut milk was better!

Duck Satay – October 2014’s special dish. 8/10

This was my favourite among all the savoury dishes tonight. The duck meat was very tender and it did not actually taste like duck. Non duck eaters would enjoy this too. The satay was slightly charred making it very fragrant and the satay sauce was flavourful. This is really a dish worth looking out for, come October!

If you happen to be in RWS and need something simple to eat without breaking the bank, MFS is a good choice. It is quite rare to find any place to settle a meal below $10 in RWS itself, which is a major tourist attraction in Singapore.

Among the dishes tried today I would recommend the Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee. If you’re lucky to be here during October, do try the duck satay!

I would like to thank RWS and Charmaine for the invite.


8 Sentosa Gateway
The Bull Ring
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269
11am – 10pm (Mon, Tue, Thu)
9am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)
9am – 10pm (Sun)
Closed (Wed)



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