ClearSK Lazer Whiten

About a month ago, I went for a treatment at ClearSK called Lazer Whiten.

The shop is very small so I suppose this caters to people who just want to get treatments done and go, rather than people looking for a spa like experience.

It uses LHE technology to whiten skin. This is a light therapy that is non-ablative and work by using selective light and thermal energy to break up melanin, the pigment which causes skin to appear dark. You will expect the treatment to feel warm due to the heat applied and things to note is to avoid sunlight and use sunblock immediately after.

Over a span of a month, I went for 4 sessions. The procedure was actually quite fast and it’s more of an objective treatment rather than one which you relax and unwind, suitable for busy people. First they will cleanse the skin of any makeup or products, and then they will start the treatment by shooting the light directly onto skin. Unlike IPL, no cooling gel is used between the skin. Otherwise, it kind of feels like IPL as the light is shot near the skin, about 3-4 shots on each area. The whole face is to be covered and the process takes about 10 -15minutes. Thereafter, the therapist would put a sheet mask where you will lay down for a period before they follow up with moisturiser and sunblock.

Honestly, it can feel hot. You need to inform the therapist if you are uncomfortable with the heat. Generally it was hot but bearable for me, and all was fine until my last session when a patch of my skin reacted adversely to the heat. It was just one area because it was probably that shot when the machine was getting hot. That patch was probably overheated or something – during the days to follow the area was so dried out and tiny bumps formed. However, it didn’t look too obvious and the problem was more of one that can be felt (bumpy) rather than seen. 2 weeks on and it is slowly getting back to normal so it isn’t that bad thankfully.

The therapists I had for each session were different, so perhaps the 4th one wasn’t experienced enough. All was fine during the other 3 sessions. Also to note – my skin was drier due to having just returned from overseas. Perhaps people with oilier skin would not experience the drying effect like I did.

Personally I did not like how they left me with the sheet mask for about 30minutes – this was too long in my opinion and I got impatient after 10 minutes. I would have preferred if it was a peel off mask (the kind which hardens that you have at facials) rather than a sheet mask.

As for the results – I did notice my face looking subtly lighter from the 3rd treatment onwards! It could actually have worked well if the machine was well controlled. Do try at least 3 sessions to judge whether you get results.

I would recommend sticking to one therapist for treatments if you are interested to try. There’s one which I personally feel was better – I can’t remember her name but she has really big eyes!

ClearSKTM Medi + Skincare
Novena Square #02-46b

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