Beauty – MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

If you remember my previous blogpost about collagen drinks, you know why I think this is essential. Recapping, nobody likes to look old and so it’s better to start taking collagen supplements before the ageing actually happens! Collagen levels in your skin can decline from age 25 onwards (but I think even before 25 you should already start. Maybe 20 is good) so if you want to stay beautiful you cannot just do nothing.

The sample store recently sent me a box of “MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia” to try and of course I am excited to share how it fares!

MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ may be unheard of in Singapore, (I myself have never heard of the name before) but everyone knows Mary Chia. It’s good to have new option available isn’t it? If you are unsatisfied with other collagen products and wish to try something new you’ll be glad to have another option.

This contains BHN Fish Collagen, 3000mg, enriched with ceramide and apple extract. Also contains co-Q10, vitamin C, vitamin E and malic acid. It does not contain sugar but it contains maltitol as the sweetener. Personally I prefer collagen powder so I can drink it without any sweetener, but I guess some prefer bottled collagen drinks because it is really more convenient.

It is suggested to take it right before bedtime, and chilled if you wish. Do remember to shake before drinking.

I did not taste any unpleasant fishy taste (some collagen drinks can taste really bad) but the whole concoction was too tangy/sourish sweet for me. I do not like fruity sweetness so probably it was the apple extract. It is no unpleasant, but not the best tasting drink in my opinion since I’m not a fruit person. However, most bottled collagen drinks are somewhat like this so it is quite expected.

It is still too soon to tell whether this product really works since I only had 3 bottles so far, and I’ve been taking collagen for months now so I don’t expect to see any visible changes, but I do believe that collagen is essential and it is better than not taking any at all!

Sample Store Exclusive! Get ONE (1) box of MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink at only S$88 (UPS$108).
BONUS PERKS! Complimentary Collagen Facial worth UPS$145/session for 1st 100 readers!
You will be entitled to the above exclusive promo by quoting “SAMPLE STORE EXCLUSIVE” followed by “Melissa”, and  call 1800 250 2001 for redemption.
Offers valid from 1 Feb31 Mar 2015, available at Mary Chia / Urban Homme outlets island-wide.

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