Osaka – Kashiwaya 柏屋

My only chance for lunch in Osaka this trip was the day of my flight at 5pm but I made sure I had enough time to dine at this restaurant. It would be easier if it was in central Osaka or perhaps somewhere down south like Izumisano where Kansai International Airport is, but this restaurant happens to be in Suita city, north of Osaka. Food is the primary objective of my travels so it was worth any inconvenience, I insist.

It was love at first sight for this restaurant. The off city location allowed it to be situated in a charming house with a garden.


I reserved a table for 2 way in advanced and was assigned this tea ceremony room which is ideal for 2. They have other private rooms which can accommodate bigger groups as well. I like the idea of private tatami rooms. Adds some “feel” to my kaiseki meal. The entrance was that tiny square door behind me and we had to crawl to get in. How interesting! Like most kaiseki restaurants, you’ve got to order your meal during reservation and I went with the 10 course 花 Hana kaiseki (¥10,000).


Aperitif of chrysanthemum sake was served before the meal. I would have gotten a bottle of sake too but we’ve got a flight to catch and limited time to complete the 10 course meal so it wasn’t a good idea.


Sakizuke 先附 (appetizer): Yuba, seaweed


Hassun 八寸



Tai (sea bream)


Gingko, kiku (chrysanthemum)


Futamono 蓋物 (soup): Chrysanthemum fish cake, sea bream, shiitake


Mukōzuke 向付 (raw dish): Maguro with uni, taro yam, avocado, raddish and shiitake


Agemono 揚げ物 (deep fried dish): Amadai, shishito, maitake

Second time I’m having this fish with edible scales and still loving it.


Naka-choko 中猪口 (palate cleanser): Cold mushroom soup with quail egg



Nimono 煮物 (simmered dish): Duck ball with taro potato and spinach


Gohan 御飯 (rice)


Managatsu fishcake, kikuna, tai, tamago, tiny fish, spinach. To go with the rice.


Mizumono 水物 (dessert): Piore and Muscat grapes, persimmon


Matcha and wagashi


Azuki and sweet potato jelly, chrysanthemum jelly.

Matcha and sweets to end the meal, like traditionally so.

This is so far one of my favourite kaiseki meals and definitely a hidden gem worth the detour. I loved everything about this place. The zen ambiance, the food, the servers in kimono, everything. It was so good that the hard to access location was forgivable. Definitely deserves all 3 stars by the Michelin Guide.

Kashiwaya 柏屋
2-5-18 Senriyama-nishi, Suita, Osaka 565-0851 Japan



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