a b o u t {ME}


My name is Melissa.

Here is 5 things about me:

1. I love food

… and hence this blog was born in 2010, documenting my food adventures in Singapore and around the world. I am very particular about food and eating is one of my greatest hobby. I also travel with the objective of tasting the best food the world has to offer.

2. I love traveling

…and my favourite places so far includes New York City, France (not just Paris, all of France!), and Japan because the food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I revisited these places several times and still plan to go back again, especially to Japan.

3. I love Japan

I’ve been to Japan 10 (or is it 11?) times, and 21 out of 47 prefectures so far and plan to go back (several) times every year. You can find a lot of Japan travel posts on this blog. In fact, my blogging genre nowadays is more about Japan travel than typical restaurant reviews!

I’ve also shared my Japan travel experiences to the public at seminars in Singapore, for Tohoku region and Okayama Prefecture.

4. I do yoga and barre

When I’m not eating, you can probably find me at a yoga or barre studio where I sweat it out almost everyday. The calories needs to go somewhere.

5. I love ABC Cooking!

In 2017 I also started learning cake making at ABC Cooking Studio Singapore and I love the lessons so much, I went on to learn bread making, cooking and wagashi making from the studio. You can find me posting about my cooking lesson journey a lot nowadays.

Do drop me a comment or email at melissa@hungrybird.sg if you have any questions! I’d be glad to talk to you. You can also follow me on Instagram @hungrybird.sg

Lastly, thank you for reading my blog! I am grateful for supporters who enjoy my content. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


21 thoughts on “a b o u t {ME}

  1. hie! I really enjoy reading your blog(: i’m a newbie singaporean food blogger and i was wondering if you have any tips for improving my blog, owing to the fact that you have so much more experience!! ^^

      • ok, if no specific location, i think il Lido is pretty nice. I have a post about that place. the location is very off so you need to drive there. blu at shangri la hotel is nice too. you can do booking online for that. i’m not sure if your definition of ‘place for first date’ is to like totally impress (the above 2 i listed are), or is it just for a conducive place to get to know each other (for this, please don’t go to noisy places like Bistro du Vin or PS Cafe because you can’t talk much there). i’d suggest to choose a place you’re comfortable with, as this will kind of set the standard for future dates if you intend to have many future dates with your date! Au Petit Salut and Dozo are good choices too. if you want to have steak you can try the Tavern. very serene, cosy, and the atmosphere is not too uppity too.

  2. Hi, I have been spending the past hour reading your reviews and actually what I’m looking for is a good steak for my birthday meal. I really hope that you would be able to recommend me somewhere good since you’re really a steak guru! Haha! I don’t have a preferred location and my budget is around $50 per pax? I sincerely thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. 🙂


    • Hi! I suppose you read my steak post so do refer there for the links and stuff.

      may I know whether you don’t mind sharing, or would rather have it portioned for 1? because if you don’t mind sharing (meaning they serve an entire piece enough for 2), you can try Les Bouchons or Mortons (but with sides and all will be more than $50). Those 2 are places for ONLY steak though, as the other stuff isn’t worth trying on! (and they do not have set menus for a full course dinner). Les Bouchon is good to work within your budget with the gigantic steak enough for 2 costing around $48++. However you need to make reservations as they can be fully booked before you know it!

      if you want the steak served in petite servings, and with other courses in a meal, you can try The Tavern or Angus House, where they have set menus. However, for The Tavern, the bill will definately come up more than $50/pax if you do dinner. they have 1 for 1 (guaranteed on Mon – Thu) set menu (not sure if it applies to lunch as well, lunch cost $60++, dinner $120++), the menu is on the website and the beef they use there (if you order US beef. i wouldn’t recommend the NZ beef) is of good quality. For Angus House (Ngee Ann City), lunch is cheaper than dinner, and they serve the same thing for both. you basically choose a steak and add $10 for a full 7 course meal. for example, the ribeye 200g cost $44++ for lunch but $51++ for dinner. However the steak is towards sweet marination, kind of japanese style. they have the menu on their facebook page!

      let me know if these are still not suitable and i’ll see if can recommend others 🙂

      • I just saw your reply! I really appreciate how you take so much effort in replying me! I’ll check them out in the morning and I’ll let you know again! Once again thank you so much and have a good night! 😀

  3. Oh one more thing! I’m albiet particular about the service of the restaurant. It doesn’t have to be exceptionally good service but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my meal if the crew annoys me. Thank you yet again! 🙂

    • Hmm service wise, I think Les Bouchon (robertson branch) has quite awkward service. it wasn’t exactly bad but what I rmb was that they looked blur 80% of the time. I was there on a normal day and not for a celebratory purpose so I didn’t really bother much then.

      as for the Tavern, the service is not the best too.

      Oh, another place with steak (tenderloin) as part of the course meal would be Dozo. Not steak as in the western grill way, but the more japanese way. it’s featured in my post about it. if you don’t mind having it as a small part of your meal, I’d say it’s quite a good choice as they are known for attentive service. they would present you with a cake if you let them know it’s your bday when you reserve the table and offer to take a picture for you.


      • Thank you so much! 🙂 I would definitely give you an update after I visited one of these restaurants! 🙂

  4. Konichiwa! I happen to read your blog on Shiraishi while on hospitalisation leave (have a serious drop in blood count that had 2 blood transfusions and if there is a 3rd one, my doctor is well informed that it will be from his blood :). I was so bored being locked at home for weeks that I asked my hubby to bring me to Shiraishi and we had a great lunch. Now I saw your blog on Tomi Sushi and intend to bring my sister and her two kids there in Dec 21 (it’s Chistmas!!!). We love Japanese food very much. Oiishi desuka!!!

    • Hi Brownie! I hope you are well by now! I’m glad my recommendation worked for you. You could also try Aoki (personal favourite) or Tastuya for similar standard sushi! Thanks for reading my blog!

  5. Hi there,
    On behalf of Mex Out – the recently opened ‘Fresh-Mex’ eatery at Far East Square (CBD) – we would like to extend an invitation for you to join our food tasting event on Thurs 16 May evening.

    Please advise the best email to send through the invite; we hope you can join us!


  6. Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
    I really enjoy reading your posts and tips for newbie travellers.
    Just curious though, what is your day job?
    Are you a yoga instructor?

    I look forward to more posts from you.

    Thank you 🙂

  7. By the way, i think you look like a model! 😉

    Hope you can give some skincare items to hoard from Japan.
    I just got back from Japan recently but didn’t really get to buy any skincare products
    coz I couldn’t understand the labels and the salesladies couldn’t really speak English very well. 😦

  8. Hi! Thank you for your comment in your blog about Japanese green tea.
    We are from tea retail shop ‘chagama’ run by Marumo Mori Co., Ltd. in Shizuoka, Japan.
    Please come and visit our shop when you come to Japan.
    You can taste over 60 kinds of tea including espresso.

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