Secret Sensations – Manicure

I went for a manicure at Secret Sensations. And I can say with 100% confidence, the manicure sucks.

Firstly the location is poor. The building is very run down even though it’s at north bridge road.

Secondly, the shop is very TINY. The renovation was very poor. It has only one manicure table.

Thirdly, the selection of nail colour sucks. There were probably only 30 colours? But these are not important.

Most importantly, HER SKILLS SUCK. She cut my cuticles until it hurt and bled, she was unconfident of every nail she shaped and had to ask me ‘is this ok?’ after filing every nail, AND THEN, HER PAINTING SUCKS!!!! It was streaky, uneven, and out of line. I think I could do better than that. The brand of top coat & base coat they use are dubious brands.


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