Fave (Centrepoint) – Pedicure

There was a voucher on Grabme.sg which cost $10 for essential pedicure at Fave. Do sign up with Grabme to get updated on the latest deals available! You’ll never know what good deal you’ll get.


I’ve bought a $15 voucher from voucherwow for the same deal last year, but since they didn’t say anything about first time customers I went ahead. I didn’t have a good experience at the City Link Mall’s branch so I decided to try out Centrepoint’s instead.

The products used were good. They have an extensive range of OPI polishes and stock up the latest colours too.

The base coat is from Poshe and the top coat should be from Poshe or Seche Vite, which are both equally good.

The manicurists who served me was very meticulous. Her skills were good too! No blunders at all. She spent a great deal of time trimming my cuticles and scrubbing off the dead skin with “sand paper”. They use a new sheet for every customer so it’s hygienic.

She wasn’t rushed at all with her work. Can I mention again I hate rushed manicures?(Shine Studio) She made sure what’s got to be removed was removed thoroughly. I saw a whole lot of dead skin on the towel so it proved that she wasn’t just wasting time! When applying the scrub and the lotion, she did it carefully too and not just smearing it on my skin.(Nails Specialist) Her painting of nail polish was quick and accurate too. She got it right within 1 application unlike inexperienced manicurists who had to remove and reapply several times to get it right.(Fave at CityLink)

The whole process was very relaxing and pampering. We spent more than 1 hour there!

They didn’t hardsell or even jot down our particulars. How cool is that!!! Totally the best $10 I’ve spent this month. Or maybe, this year!!!!!!!!

We dried our nails under the dryer for about 20 mins before leaving the place. They even applied a drop of Drip Dry for us to ensure our nails don’t get smudged! I heard some places charge $2 for that.

OPI Burlesque Let Me Entertain You

There were totally no extra charges, or even any attempt to sell us anything. The whole experience there was really good.


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