Megumi – Dinner

There was once on a Saturday night that I wanted to try Megumi, but was shocked at the horribly long waiting list. I gave up, but returned on a weekday, where there was no queue. I really wondered what was all the hype about.

4 types of sashimi – $28++

The trick is to request for the type of fish you want, else they’d just give you the cheapest 4! Here there’s salmon belly, tuna, swordfish and yellow tail.

For $28, which averages out to be $7 for 3 slices, it isn’t exactly very cheap. The sashimi was quite fresh, but “quite” only. The sashimi served at Sakuraya, Chikuwa Tei or The Line was better!

Chawanmushi – $4++

This cup was rather unimpressive. Do not order this.

Pork Katsu Curry Rice – $9.80++

The pork katsu was not bad. I’ve eaten pretty bad ones before, namely food court renditions and this one was safely out of that category. However, the curry wasn’t any special, but not awful though. Perhaps I might have more luck at Go Go Curry.

Unagi Don – $10.80++

This unagi looks so small in comparison to the one from Chikuwa Tei! This was probably only half the eel. Again, this wasn’t bad but there’s nothing special to it.

Spider Maki – $12.00++

The spider maki tasted almost like the spider maki from Sushi Tei, which isn’t a bad thing because I like the spider maki from Sushi Tei, but I’m just saying this wasn’t special enough to make an impression.


Ambiance: 5.5/10

Food: 6/10

Value: 6/10

Overall: You probably can get the same standard from Sushi Tei. Unless you live nearby and Sushi Tei is further, it isn’t work paying a special visit to Siglap just for restaurant. Then again, I may have ordered the wrong dishes.



77 Upper East Coast Road,



Tel: +65 6243 0700


11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm


Getting There:

By Car:

Carpark available in front of the restaurant

By Bus:

10, 12, 13, 14, 16


3 thoughts on “Megumi – Dinner

  1. someone commented the following:

    Author : fuck u (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :

    -seriously, grow up.
    -get a proper name.
    -go try better food before commenting.
    -i am only commenting objectively to the respective dishes and comparing to similar ones i’ve tried elsewhere and SO HAPPENS the version that megumi produced was pale in comparison. what’s there to be mad about?
    -find something more productive to me mad about
    -you CAN’T argue that the ambiance isn’t lacking. it’s kind of old you know? what’s there to be mad about?
    -i’ve stated my reasons why i find it unimpressive and justified that i may have ordered the wrong dishes. i believe i have enough reason to not like the place so who are you to judge?
    -and this is my blog, you are insulted that the best japanese food (or so) you’ve had was megumi but it turned out to be one of my worst at experiences and you can’t accept this reality that someone actually thinks it’s not good, you can just dont read and either continue to be deluded that there isn’t better japanese food out there or go get some better food.
    -sorry for bursting your bubble about how ‘awesome’ megumi is. i’m entitled to my own opinions.

  2. Got to know Chikuwa Tei from your blog
    That’s is a 100% value over money Japanese Restaurant =)
    Thanks for the recommendation!!

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