The Nail Bar – Manicure

I found a deal on Tip It – $10 for classic manicure at The Nail Bar.

The shop was small with not much “spa feel”, typical of Far East Plaza nail parlours. However, the service was alright. The manicurist who served me was Siew Teng. She was quite good!

OPI big apple red

I had to top up $2 for Seche Vite top coat (cheater! Most manicure shops use seche vite by default!). No manicure is complete without seche vite top coat. I wanted to bring my own bottle as I had a hunch that they would not give it for free, but I forgot.

*** UPDATE ***

It’s been 10 days since the manicure and my nails are still as good as new!

Moral of the story: always use OPI and more importantly Seche Vite!


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