Suburbia – Dinner

This restaurant was almost empty when I visited. I guess they get their business from events and weddings rather than dine in customers. The ambiance is serene and beautiful, a good choice for a wedding reception. The location is inaccessible without a car, being located in Sentosa.

Unimpressive bread, but the garlic butter was good. The bread was like, hard. But at least it was served warm.

Tiger Prawn Salad vol au vent – Cold prawns tossed in dill cream mayonnaise, on puff pastry, sprig of garden greens and sprinkle of crushed hazelnuts

The prawn was big and fresh.

Lobster bisque

I asked the waiter whether the lobster bisque was good. He said yes. I asked really? He said really. And yup it met our expectations! Really good! The usual price for this soup is $10 anyway. Not too expensive.

Australian Rib Eye – it wasn’t evenly cooked. It was part medium and part medium rare. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Honey Spiced French Duck Breast


This was good! I don’t like my tiramisu to be oversoaked, or overly alcohol-ed. And this was just nice.


Ambiance: 9/10

Food: 7/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: except for the unimpressive bread and steak, the lobster bisque and tiramisu was really good.



30 Allenbrooke Road,


Tel:    6376 5938


Getting there:

By Car:

Entry to Sentosa on Weekdays:

5.01PM – 6.59AM – $2

Entry to Sentosa on Weekends:

5.01PM – 6.59AM – $3


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