U.d.d.e.r.s ice cream – Desserts

Among all local ice cream joints in Singapore, Udders is no doubt my favourite. From one shop in Novena it has since expanded to have 5 outlets. I’ve visited the Novena and Siglap outlet countless times.

The Novena outlet is very small and crammed. Parking is a hassle too as the nearest car park charges at least $2/entry.

For the Siglap outlet, it consists of 2 levels. It is much bigger and parking is cheaper and easier.

They have 3 categories of ice cream – Classic, Premium and Connoisseur, and the latter is the most expensive of the lot. In fact, the prices of the Premium and Connoisseur flavours are rather expensive, price comparable to world famous Häagen-Dazs.

Alphonso Mango Sorbet (Classic)

The mango flavour tasted very refreshing and not too artificial. It’s a good choice if you do not like something too rich and creamy.

One thing to note about their ice cream – they actually managed to keep it at the right temperature! Look how perfectly scooped that sorbet is. Some ice cream I’ve had outside melts in an instant. The other extreme will be that it’ll be kind of rock hard. But it’s not the case for Udders. The ice cream’s temperature was perfect. It didn’t melt before I managed to snap a beautiful shot of it, and neither was it too cold to sting my sensitive teeth.

Or maybe, it isn’t the temperature, but how they formulate their ice cream to not melt too quickly.


Earl Grey (Classic) + Hazel’s Nut (Connoisseur) + Waffle

A double scoop of classic + connoisseur cost $7.10. The waffle cost $2.90.

The waffles are somewhat like Belgain waffles, which I love. I like all kinds of waffles –A&W/Gelare sort of crispy buttery waffles, Prima Deli sort of soft waffles, as well as this sort – floury, cakey and fluffy.

In fact, I think I like this sort the most. It is prepared fresh and warm from their waffle batter. There was a 10minute wait for this. It is worth the wait.

For the Earl Grey flavour, it’s got to be one of my favourites. The Earl Grey flavour was strong. The ice cream was nice and creamy too.

For the Hazelnut, it’s got to be one of the best of its kind out there. The hazelnut/ chocolate flavour was VERY rich. If you like nutella, you’ll love this. Nuts could be seen throughout it too.


Here are some reviews of the flavours I had from my previous visits:

Earl Grey and Rum & Raisin

The rum & raisin reeked of rum taste. It was choke full of alcohol. This is not for kids.

Chocolate Marsh & Hazel’s Nut.

The chocolate marsh was just milk chocolate (not too rich) with mini marshmallows. I loved the chewy marshmallows scattered in it. It was almost like rocky road.


Strawberry Fields – it was on the sour side, meaning they used real strawberries for it, and not the sweet artificially flavoured type. Go for this only if you like your strawberry ice cream to be ultra authentic.

Green Tea – This wasn’t impressive. Please go for Häagen-Dazs instead.

Tira-miss-u – this reeked of alcohol too. I wished it wasn’t so alcoholic and had more tiramisu cheesy flavour to it.

Kick S Cream Caramel – this was not very impressive. I’ll choose Häagen-Dazs Caramel & Biscuits anytime.



Ambiance: 6.5/10

Food: 9/10

Value: 8.5/10

Overall: a must try for ice cream lovers



87 Upper East Coast Road,

Singapore 455223


Tel / Fax: 64488732


Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm

Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 1am!


Getting there:

By Car:

Free parking outside the shop

By Bus:

10, 12, 13, 14, 16





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