eMedispa – Massage

I went for a 60min massage today at eMedispa. The location was quite easily locatable – it was at One Raffles Link, at the junction between Marina Square and City Link Mall.

I got a voucher from Groupon and I was given a choice of 3 types of massage – Bamboo, deep heat/ deep tissue, and shiatsu.

Note that there are no lockers provided at all, be it external or internal lockers.

Not knowing what deep heat was, I opted for it.

However, soon I realised, it was the sort of massage where the masseur does most of the pressing with her FINGERS and THUMBS. It was really painful, and uncomfortably ticklish too.

Pressing with the thumb was painful and running through with fingers was very ticklish. I conclude I hate this style of massage. There will be moments where she just presses down on certain points with her palms, and stayed stagnant for 30 sec or so. And then there will also be moments where she presses hard on a particular spot with a thumb, and stayed there for yet another 30 sec or so.

Not to say that her skills weren’t good, this style of massage was just not for me. I like pushing with palms in medium strokes rather than poking or pressing with thumbs. I feel so battered and bruised now.

I guess bamboo, deep heat/ deep tissue, and shiatsu were the unpopular massage choices, because when they tried selling me their package, they actually said they had 5 types of massage and the other 2 were Swedish and aromatherapy. The latter 2 were the ones I usually went for during massage sessions!


Ambiance: 6/10

Comfort: 5/10

Value: 6/10

Overall: 6/10


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