Feng Shui Inn – Dinner

My first visit was on the 30th of June, for lunch. It was the guest chef, Chef Mak’s first day at Feng Shui Inn. The food was fabulous then, so I revisited today, for dinner.

However, I tasted a difference in the food this time. It’s highly possible that Chef Mak wasn’t present today, or that the assistants slackened with the preparation and frying. The fried dishes fared quite badly this time too. They all had sick oily taste, as if the oil was reused countless times. It’s not unforeseeable, as it was dinner time and if they do change the oil only once daily, it would have been reused since morning. For the worst case scenario, the oil may have been reused since Thursday! I’m pretty sure they used ‘new’ oil on Thursday as it was the Chef’s first session here, so that’s probably why the food tasted so good on Thursday.

I was rather disappointed with the quality of the fried dishes today. As such, I suppose it’s a gamble to dine here as it may not always be as good! A safe bet would be to go on the last day of the chef’s stint at Feng Shui Inn, as he definitely would be present for his last day I guess. Do try lunch instead, as probably the oil used would be fresher.

We ordered: char siew bao, ha kau, siew mai, lor mai gai, abalone & chicken tart, fried beancurd skin roll, guo tie, fried pork dumpling, foie gras gravy dumpling, osmanthus cake, cheese & lychee puff.

嬉哈大笑 Playful Laughter 冬笋鲜虾饺 $9.80 每笼

Steamed ‘Ha Kau’ – Juicy whole shrimp dumplings suffused with tender bamboo shoots giving this favourite its unique fresh crisp taste

The steamed dishes maintained the same quality as Thursday. The Ha Kau was still the best!

I didn’t try the siew mai or lo mai kai today but I suppose it was just as good as it was on Thursday.

包罗万象 Golden Treasures 酥皮叉烧包 $4.80 每两粒

Baked Barbecue Honey Pork Pastries

The char siew bao was different! Apparent from the colour, today’s one was a lot browner. It tasted oiler, which is something not desirable to me. The size seemed much smaller and inconsistent too.

Nevertheless, though not as good as Thursday’s version, this char siew bao still won my heart. I had of 3 these in a heartbeat.

招财进宝 Bestowed Good Fortune 鲍鱼鸡粒酥 $13.80 每粒

Abalone & Chicken Tart

The abalone was very tasty! Abalone rarely tastes bad anyway. However, the tart was too brittle. I believe this has got something to do with the drop in standard today. Viewing the picture of this tart in their menu, the tart pastry didn’t look so uncooked! It was golden brown.

齿颊生香 The Perfect Match 香芒海鲜卷 $7.80􀀁每份

A perfect match of fresh seafood and delectable mango in deep-fried crispy rolls

This was one of the better dishes I had on Thursday. It had the same perfect flakiness today, but as with other dishes, the sick oily taste was quite strong. I’m quite store the oil was reused too many times.

爽心悦目 Heart’s Desire 爽菜腐皮卷 $6.80 每份

Hearty combination of beancurd skin accompanied with fresh vegetables in a roll and deep fried to golden brown perfection


I didn’t get to try this today, but judging from the looks of it, it doesn’t look similar to the one I had on Thursday.


千娇百媚 Enchanting Beauty 山葵咸水角 $6.80􀀁每份

Juicy pork dumplings fried to a golden brown and accompanied with the playful tanginess of wasabi


I noticed that other patrons having these on Thursday and I was wondering what these goreng pisang lookalikes were. Turns out it was the pork dumpling. I was actually expecting fried shui jiao judging from the description. This has officially won first place in the contest for ‘strongest sick oily taste’ tonight. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. The fillings were blah too. The wasabi was barely detectable.


金屋藏珍 Hidden Treasures 鹅肝酱粉果 $9.80􀀁每份

Deep-fried golden brown dumplings drizzled with a rich blend of foie gras gravy

I noticed that other patrons having these on Thursday and I was wondering what these curry puff lookalikes were. I didn’t expect the foie gras dumpling to look like this. Although this was sabotaged by the sick oily taste oil today, the filling was tasty! Of course the foie gras wasn’t detectable in whole but somehow, it tasted good. I couldn’t make out what exactly did it taste like though. And the pastry itself was better than the pork dumpling’s. I wish I had a second piece of this to understand the flavour better.

旗开得胜 Grand Victory 二菘煎窝贴 $6.80 每份 􀀁

Lightly pan-fried minced pork dumplings, delightfully served with a special blend of assorted nuts


This was probably the least outstanding. The skin was alright, but the filling was very very weird! It was like, stuffed with dough or something. Perhaps that was the blend of assorted nuts, but it tasted like uncooked dough to me. I wouldn’t recommend this.

珠联璧合 Divine Intervention 脆皮吉士酿荔枝 $3.80 每粒

Savoury custard cheese and sweet lychees combined to produce a taste simply divine

The fillings tasted the same as Thursday’s but the flour batter had a hint of sick oily taste.

蜜语仁心 Whispers of Love 晶莹杞子桂花糕 $6.80 每份

A lush combination of wolfberries and osmanthus flowers in a transparent gelatin cake perfected by our chefs


Everyone said this was good. Yes, it was of the same flavour and texture as Thursday. Do try this!



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