Tomi Sushi – Lunch

Tomi Sushi is a restaurant tucked away in a hidden corner of Milllenia walk. It is part of Parco Marina Bay, which is a ‘Japanese mall’, and is part of a cluster of Japanese restaurants.

This restaurant originated from Japan, and they claim “We use 100% Niigata KOSHIHIKARI Rice. The best brand rice of Japan.”

Swordfish sashimi – $16.00++ / 5pc

The presentation won me over even before the first bite. The sashimi wasn’t the best but was definitely passable. The same standard as Fukuichi or Nadaman perhaps.

Sushi Bento – $38.00++

This bento is for big eaters. My dining partner happened to be one. I tried one prawn tempura and I liked it. The batter was the light and fluffy sort which I preferred and didn’t have sick oily taste. It was better than Nadaman’s.

Nigiri Sakura – $28.00++

This was mine and it consisted of 7 pc Nigiri Sushi, 1 tamagoyaki, miso soup, salad, chawanmushi, chicken tofu hamburger patty and fruit.

The salad had a dressing similar to ceasar, which I enjoyed.

The hamburger patty was very tasty too.

Among the nigiri sushi, 1 piece was Chutoro, which is the belly area of the tuna along the side of the fish between the Akami and the Otoro. It is less fatty than Otoro.

It was my first time trying any sort of toro and this was good enough to make me a toro convert! I loved the soft and fatty texture of the fish.

Another thing to point out is that the sushi was very well pressed. I could see why they claimed that their rice was the best. Indeed, the rice was perfect sushi rice – not too hard or too soggy, and they prepared it to the perfect stickiness and taste. The rice didn’t fall apart when I picked up the sushi and the fish didn’t fall out when I flipped it upside down to dip the fish into the sushi sauce! Even when I dropped the whole piece, it didn’t fall apart at all! Tomi Sushi really makes good sushi!

Their chawanmushi is no doubt the best chawanmushi I ever had! The texture was very very smooth and soft! There wasn’t a single bubble and it disintegrated upon entering my mouth. It was so silky smooth it puts tofu to shame. And on top of that, the custard was flavourful as well. The one I had at Nadaman was silky smooth too (although not as good as this) but was sadly bland in taste. It’s rare that chawanmushi possesses both attributes, and on top of that, this one wins all other versions I’ve tried in terms of texture.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: do try the chawamushi! You’ll not regret it. Try the sushi too. if you have spare cash, try the otoro or chutoro nigiri sushi.


Tomi Sushi

Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard,

#P3-04 Parco Marina Bay


Tel: 6333 4633


Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm (Last Order:9:45pm)


Getting there:

By Car:
Millenia Singapore:

Mon to Fri:
7am to 6pm: $3.00 for the first hour, $1.00 for every subsequent 1/2 hour
6pm to 7am: $2.00 per entry

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays:
7am to 7am (next day): $2.00 for first 2 hours, $1.00 for every subsequent hour

By Bus:
36, 97, 106, 111, 133, 502, 518, 70M, 857, 868

Promenade (CC4)



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