Paradise Pavilion – Lunch

I finally got to visit Paradise Pavilion after hearing about their applewood peking duck. We pre-ordered the duck in advance as the roasting time is 50minutes.

The restaurant was beautifully furnished in light turquoise. I like the velvet chairs too. This place was pretty quiet on a Saturday afternoon, unlike Taste Paradise, which was always fully booked. The restaurant wasn’t crowded or boisterous at all, which I liked.

The CBD area is typically very quiet on weekends and so was Marina Bay Link Mall. It was almost empty. There was also free parking for the first 4 hours for every $30 spent, on weekends! The carpark was almost empty too. I like how away from crowds this place is.

For lunch, they have dim sum, ala carte and sets. I noticed that the ala carte menu and its pricing was similar to that of Taste Paradise. I also noticed that the prices of dim sum here were higher than those from Taste Paradise.

Daily Soup – $10.00++

Baked Snow Bun with BBQ pork – $5.60++/3

This was like Mak Kwai Pui’s famous baked char siew bao, except that they failed to produce the same standard. The crust wasn’t as crumbly and buttery and the whole ‘skin’ of the bun was tougher. I guess it isn’t easy to reproduce the same standard anyway. If Mak Kwai Pui’s was a 10, this would be a 7.

Roast Pork – $12.80++

For the price, this was tiny. This roast pork didn’t stand out. The crispy skin was barely there and the whole piece was just too small.

Ha Kau – $5.60++/3

Big and juicy, this Ha Kau was substantially filled with prawns. The skin wasn’t easily torn and it was thin. Good.

Rice Roll with Scallop – $6.30++

This was quite good. The skin was smooth and not too thick nor sticky. It was good too.

Peking Duck – $88.00++

This was the highlight of the meal. Apparently, they served this duck in Beijing style, which isn’t the same as Hong Kong style.

Skin from the duck breast was sliced off and we were meant to savour it on its own, dipped in white sugar, which was supposedly meant to melt on the piping hot duck skin.

Next, slices of duck was sliced for us and this was to be wrapped in the flour crepe with the sauce (imported from Beijing) and spring onion.

Similar to Royal China, the crepe was eggless. The crepe was very thin however, which was different from that from Royal China. By the way, there was a 2nd plate of this sliced duck, so the portion is rather substantial! I would say it’s just nice to share among 5 greedy duck gluttons. Any less we might want more, any more we might feel sick of it.

Although it was different from the ‘usual’ way, it wasn’t that bad. the duck was very tasty! I usually don’t like duck meat but this duck meat didn’t have the animalic duck smell nor tough and rough texture. some parts with the duck fats actually tasted like Foie Gras!

Siew Mai – $5.60++/3

These were as good as Taste Paradise and are one of the better siew mais around, in my opinion!

Deep Fried Taro Puffs with Prawn – $4.60++/3

I didn’t try this.

Custard Buns – $5.50++/3

This was as good as Taste’s Paradise. The lava was flowing and there was a substantial amount in it. The custard was addictive as usual and one was barely enough for me!

Egg Tarts – $4.80++/3

This was one of the best egg tarts I’ve had! I suppose it’s similar to Taste Paradise’s. The pastry was crumbly but it didn’t have sick oily taste. The custard was smooth and flavorful. Like the custard bun, one is not enough.


Ambiance: 9.5/10

Food: 8.5/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall: the Peking Duck was one of the most expensive I’ve seen around. It was good but I don’t think it’s worth such a high price. Do try it at least once if you’re a Peking Duck fan! The dim sum was just as good as Taste Paradise’s so perhaps if you want just dim sum Taste Paradise’s a better option as you get almost the same thing for cheaper, though much harder to get a seat.


Paradise Pavilion

Marina Bay Link Mall

8A Marina Boulevard


Singapore 018986

Tel: 65099308


Lunch: 11:30pm – 3pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Marina Bay Link Mall

Mon – Fri:

6am – 1pm: $0.80 per 10 min

1pm – 6pm: $0.80 per 10 min

After 6pm: $3.00 per entry


6am – 1pm: $0.80 per 10 min

1pm – 6pm: $3.00 per entry

After 6pm: $3.00 per entry

Sun & P/H:

$3.00 per entry

*Free parking for $30 spent on weekends and public holidays

By Bus:

10, 57, 70, 75, 100, 107, 10E, 128, 130, 131, 162, 167, 186, 196, 700, 970


Raffles Place (NS26/EW14)


8 thoughts on “Paradise Pavilion – Lunch

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  2. I have booked a table to dine here over Lo Hei and Dim Sum this Sat, so researching on the recommended dishes and glad to have stumbled upon your site, very informative with shots of the menu! Cheers! GONG XI FA CAI

    • Happy new year to you too! Hope you’ll have a great meal! Do remember to get the Paradise member card for instant discounts!

      • good tips,thanks!and I just looked up their website,there are 3 types of Paradise Gourmet Card and different type can only be bought at certain branches. the S$38 one will have e-voucher of S$30 off Apple Wood Peking Duck @ Paradise Pavilion, but this S$38 card is available at Paradise Inn and other branches but Pavilion one,is it true? may i know which gourmet card you used?

      • i bought my card at Taste Paradise. i had the $30 off peking duck but perhaps they changed the perks somewhere. but anyway, the most expensive card is more worth it due to the credits stored inside which can be used to offset your meal

    • Hi, i have listed the recommended car park in this post. do refer to that. thanks for reading and hope you have a great meal!

  3. My family lunched at Paradise Pavilion, Marina Bay, today (Sunday) at about 13:45pm. We ordered a whole Peking duck in addition to dim sum.
    Prior to being seated, we enquired with the staff at the reception area on how the duck would be served. We were told that the skin would be served first, followed by the meat. If we liked, the chef could cut the thighs & other parts of the duck for us to eat. Alternatively, we could pack home the uneaten balance of the duck.
    The chef skinned the duck’s breast area for us and then sliced the sides of the breast area for us to eat. The duck’s legs (drum and thigh portions) were still intact and untouched when he wheeled the duck away from our table. At that point I enquired with the waitress, who was serving us, what the chef would do with the balance of the duck. The waitress replied that they would not serve the balance portion but we could pack it home if we wished. We requested her to pack the balance portion for us. She went in the kitchen immediately and came out with a plastic bag. I did not check it immediately as we were still eating our lunch.
    When we reached home, I opened the package containing “our balance uneaten duck”. I was shocked to discover that almost all the meat had been sliced off the thighs and drums, right down to the bones! Whatever morsels of meat that were still attached to the bones were dry & hard. And the colour of the meat was dark brown which is unlikely to happen to freshly-roasted duck that was served only an hour before. So obviously this wasn’t the same duck that was served to us earlier. WE FELT CHEATED ! We paid for the whole duck – the duck was priced at $88! But we were given someone else’s well-eaten old leftover carcass.
    We would like to know how this could happen? Could the waitress have taken a wrong duck for us? Shouldn’t she check carefully before giving it back to us?
    We would like a reply from the restaurant manager.

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