Tomi Sushi II – Dinner

Tomi Sushi is one of my favourite restaurants for sushi.

For dinner, the menu is different from that of lunch, where plenty of value sets are available. It is about 40% more expensive than lunch time, so I would recommend my readers to go during lunch time, for the lunch menu instead (available daily).

My dining partners took the Sushi Gozen ($54++) which consist of sushi, sashimi, tempura, cod, beancurd, chawanmushi, miso soup and fruit. As I wasn’t very hungry, I decided to go ala carte.

Sashimi – kanpachi (greater amberjack), maguro akami (tuna) and hirame (flounder)

This was from the sushi gozen. It was served in a large bowl of ice, as if ala carte orders. I like how they put in effort for the presentation.

Sushi – maguro chutoro(tuna under-belly, looks seared to me), ika (squid), tsubugai (whelk, aka gong gong in Singapore), akaebi (prawn), ikura (salmon roe), tekka (maguro filled]

This was the sushi platter from the sushi gozen, and it was served after the sashimi.

There were several premium items in this set, like the chutoro and ikura sushi.

Sushi Gozen

The remaining items from the sushi gozen were served together.

The cod was thick and quite a generous serving there.

Salmon Belly ($8++/2pc), Mekajiki [swordfish] ($8++/2pc), salmon ($6++/2pc), Tekka ($7++/6pc)

I ordered these sushi from the ala carte menu. Trust me, it is very filling. The sushi was very well pressed and the rice was well seasoned. It’s still one of the best sushi I had in Singapore!

Chawamushi – $6++

Tomi Sushi’s chawamushi is one of the best renditions I ever tried so of course I had to order it. It was silky soft and disintegrates in my mouth. It is a must try at Tomi Sushi!

For more about Tomi Sushi, please view my previous post about it.





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