Restaurant Week 2011

There were 2 Restaurant Weeks this year and during both weeks, I seized the chance to try out several restaurants.

Here are the restaurants I have tried:

Oso Ristorante – Dinner

The Tavern – Dinner

Salt Grill & Sky Bar – Lunch

Blu – Dinner

il Lido – Dinner

The Garden – Dinner

The Tavern – Lunch

The Knolls – Dinner

Keystone Restaurant – Lunch

Le Saint Julien – Lunch

Enoteca L’Operetta – Dinner

My ranking of the 10 restaurants:

1)    Blu

  • great food, great presensation, great ambiance

2)    Keystone Restaurant

  • Great food, great presentation, alright ambiance

3)    il lido

  • Above average food, great presentation, great ambiance

4)    The Tavern

  • For dinner. Please have the US prime rib eye and nothing less. The service for lunch recently didn’t quite make it however.

5)    Enoteca L’Operetta

  • Lovely everything

6)    Salt Grill & Sky Bar

  • The best part about this restaurant was the view. The food was above average but not the best.

7)    The Knolls

  • Capella was beautiful and the service was good. It’s just that the food wasn’t to our liking.

8)    The Garden

  • It was pleasant but comparing to those above it falls behind.

9)    Le Saint Julien

  • It didn’t live up to the hype about it. The food was good but not amazing and the service was below average.

10)    Oso Ristorante

  • I don’t know what to say about it other than that it was good but not good enough to impress for the $55++ price tag. Same for the presentation and ambiance.

Regret going:

None! Luckily for me, everything was pleasant and decent at least and definitely above average!


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Week 2011

  1. wow u r certainly a hard core foodie! will be reading each entry with anticipation, I tried Table 66, short and sweet menu, first time trying it and thought this restaurant is really charming.

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