Keisuke Tonkotsu King – Lunch

Tonkotsu King is a fairly new ramen restaurant located in Orchid Hotel, Tras Link. They only serve ramen, so if you are looking for other options of Japanese food, this place is not for you.

There was a queue outside the restaurant and we had to queue for maybe 20mins. I could see why there was a queue – the restaurant was VERY small. It can accommodate 20 people at most! Therefore, if you intend to treat this as a gathering place, think again. It’s more like a place to eat and go, as there will always be someone who wants to take over your seat.

Condiments are free flow. Bean sprouts, boiled eggs, bonito flakes, mayonnaise etc.

They took our order while we were queuing outside, so we were served our ramen within 5 minutes of being seated.

You get to choose what soup you like (plain, black spicy and red spicy, all tonkotsu based of course), what ingredients (flavoured egg, seaweed, or both), amount of chicken oil, how strong the flavour, and how cooked the noodles is.

For me, I chose the plain based, normal strength, less oil, normal noodles (I may choose soft next time) and with a flavoured egg. It cost $12.80++.

By default, it comes with chashu, black fungus and spring onions.

The soup broth was very flavourful and oily. I was glad I opted for less oil. Generally, the whole thing was above average but somehow, I prefer Ippudo still. The pork wasn’t the best. It wasn’t the sort that would melt in your mouth. If I ever return I’ll try the red spicy broth instead.

The egg however, was made to perfection. It was very well flavoured and the yolk was cold and slightly runny inside.

My dining partner had the original broth with both seaweed and flavoured egg. It cost $14.80++.


Here’s my rating of this ramen restaurant:


Soup: 9/10

Meat: 8/10

Egg: 10/10


If I compare it to Ippudo,


Soup: Ippudo

Meat: Ippudo

Egg: draw

Noodles: Tonkotsu King (because you get to choose how you like it done!)

Oiliness: Tonkotsu King (because you can have it less oily)

Price: Tonkotsu King (significantly cheaper than Ippudo!)


In conclusion, Tonkotsu King could be my 2nd favourite ramen restaurant. Do refer to my listing of ramen in Singapore that I have tried for other reviews. Ippudo remains my favourite while I personally find Marutama to be the worst and most overrated.


Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Orchid Hotel

1 Tras Link



Tel: 6636 0855


Daily: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Tras Street public carpark

Mon – Sat

$1/half an hour

By Bus:

80, 145


Tanjong Pagar (EW15)


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