Luxasia Sale 2011

I’m back from the sale and it was M A D N E S S.

It’s on the 6th floor and only accessible via 2 cargo lifts. There was a queue to enter the lifts, at 10am. it was around 20mins, so those allergic to the sun, do come prepared with sunblock and umbrella. those coming by public transport, note that it’s about a 1 bus stop walk from the MRT station. There’s a bus stop in front of the building though, but if you’re taking MRT, you have no choice but to cross an overhead bridge. It’s impossible to cross the road and the station only has exits on the opposite side. (I wonder why! There are so many offices on the other side)

For convenience do not bring a bag as they will have to seal it up and it would be a bitch to carry.

The warzone was not well controlled and many people were pushing to get a glimpse of the popular counters, like Guerlain or IPSA. I failed to find my foundation at IPSA and left with only a foundation sponge for $5. Not exactly a good buy, but I needed it anyway.

The prices were not dirt cheap. Chloé EDP 50ml gift set with a body lotion cost $90. It’s my current favourite fragrance but I felt the deal wasn’t good enough for me to stock up on it now, though I was tempted. I didn’t need the body lotion anyway.

As there’s no reason to go back empty handed, I bought the Marc Jacobs Daisy 100ml EDP for $65. I’ve been eyeing this fragrance since a few years back so here’s my chance. However, the one on sale was the Pop Art edition and the bottle isn’t as classy as the regular one. I guess most fragrances on sale were those past season limited editions or past season promotional gift sets, the body lotions, and maybe those close to expiry.

Regular bottle of DAISY

Pop Art limited edtion (2010) of DAISY

There was also Lola on sale but I preferred Daisy.

I was also tempted to get Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom as the bottle was too pretty. 30ml was $42, 50ml was $57 and 100ml was $78. However, it wasn’t that cheap so I gave it a pass. During a previous sale (2008) at Robinsons Expo, 50ml of Incanto Charm went for maybe $49? And it was even cheaper during the Luxasia Safra sale later on (but I already bought it at the Expo). The price wasn’t cheap enough to justify an impulse buy so I skipped it.

Incanto Bloom EDT

The other fragrance on my to get list was Angel by Thierry Mugler but I couldn’t spot the booth.

I’m quite a fragrance addict and have probably 30 bottles of designer fragrances to use up. Therefore, I resisted the temptation of grabbing more fragrances as it would probably be impulse buys. The way to do so is to just walk away and not attempt to push my way through the crowd to get to the booths. Most of the time there, I couldn’t even see what was on sale as almost every booth was swarmed with people.

And then the horror resumed at the cashier. The queue for it took another good 20mins when I queued for payment around 11am. The queue got longer later on.

There was a promotion with POSB/DBS mastercard/visa so if you own one, bring it along.

All in all, this sale was rather disappointing. I thought I could get foundation from IPSA or makeup base from RMK but they didn’t have it.



6 thoughts on “Luxasia Sale 2011

  1. Indeed, I had picked out a number of items but in the end returned them as the cashier queue was too long. Some of the good stuffs like Serge Leutens was snapped up by the time I entered at abt 10 plus. There were hardly any Stila lippies etc. Why did I bother to go? I am sure these products are cheaper overseas. Like loccitane, it’s so much cheaper abroad. Glad u got something! Seems like lots of resellers who went there just to snap stuffs to resell.

    • I was kind of unsatisfied with my buy actually. I thought I could have scored better! I just HAD to buy something else I can’t justify why I bothered to go too! I didn’t even spot any L’Occitane items! I couldn’t find the Jurlique booth too. Yea I think some people stock up to resell. I saw this woman, she bought IPSA products in bulk? like with the box which contains 12 of them inside or something? But in the first place, it wasn’t very cheap and I wonder where can they sell them.

  2. woohoo this auntie in fushia top and white bag pushed PUSHED pushed her way thru at the guerlain counter. lots of MAINLAND PRC women bought UP EVERYTHING. woohoo.

    • YES YES there are so many PRCs! I wonder how they even got to know about this sale. In the queue alone I saw many of them, when HUGE bags, mainly makeup. I was wondering if it’s really that cheap and how come they need that many/ find so many things they want. did you manage to haul anything?

  3. L’occitane isn’t their brand, it’s just that I think these beauty and fragrance things are overpriced in Singapore. Like I got 12 small tubes of L’ hand creams for $120 in frankfurt airport. To my shock these exact creams were like $30 for 2 tubes here. I would have to pay $60 more! Even things like Vichy – a normaderm cream is like $20+ in the pharmacies in Europe, here it’s $49!! Well, just look out for these things in the airports, flights etc next time u go on holiday… Duty free and cheaper too.

  4. oh yea, I AGREE! most imported products are so much more expensive here! I saw vichy for much cheaper in London too. for Japanese products it’s much cheaper too in neighboring countries like Taiwan (but not in Malaysia, somehow it’s more expensive there). Korean products are the worst! Overpriced by 3 or 4 times here, like Laneige. I usually will get the products overseas or during warehouse sales (like today..) because I hate how overpriced the normal retail price is!

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