Pretty 360 – Manicure & Pedicure

I bought this deal from BigDeal which entitled me to a classic manicure & pedicure with 5 swarovski crystals.

The shop was very small and had only 2 seats for manicure & pedicure, which was probably why I had problem securing a slot for 2 people. I had to wait about 2 months before getting my appointment.

OPI Play with the Peonies

I’m particularly pleased with the colour I picked for my hands.



  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour
  • Crystals
  • Obscure brand top coat
  • Massage



  • Soak
  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Removal of dead skin and callus with a foot file
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour
  • Random top coat
  • Massage



Overall, the skills of the manicurist were fine and they were friendly, but I didn’t like how the shop owner/ manager tried to hardsell us. It was quite annoying when we rejected her and she actually asked ‘why?’, as if it’s a default practice that we SHOULD buy her package. It was a pity that the management was like that, because I really enjoyed the service by the manicurists.


9 thoughts on “Pretty 360 – Manicure & Pedicure

    • yah thats why I wouldn’t return for this service, since it’s pretty absurd to be fretting over it when it’s supposed to be a relaxing, pampering thing.

  1. I would strongly advise not to buy anything from Pretty 360, even with some tempting discounted offer. there are dishonest people, who make business out of voucher deals but then refuse to honor fully the service or ask you to pay extra for it. my voucher indicated that the IPL was UNLIMITED, but then, actually it was limited to 12 sessions. the IPL machine was not performing, so if I really wanted to remove hair, I should pay extra for a machine that is really working. I hate to be fooled, and I will make sure that the world knows that those people are swindler until, they have to either stop their business or start giving honest services.

    • I do IPL there as well. I shall just say I wouldn’t recommend this place. :s
      however, are you sure your voucher did not state clearly? because for mine, it did mention in the details that it is meant to be once every month for a year which obviously means only 12 times.
      they did, on 2 occasions, try to hardsell me too – one for whitening treatment quoting that IPL is only effectly on fair skin, and free from ingrowns and my area wasn’t very fair and had ingrowns. and absurdly said that if I don’t do this treatment my IPL will be wasted. I mean, my IPL cost only $98 for 12 times, and they treatment they are trying to sell me cost thousands. If I was even willing to spend thousands I would have gone to a better place.
      on another occasion, they tried to hardsell me a ‘more effective’ treatment which costs like $200 per sessions. again, if I was willing to spend that kind of money, I obviously wouldn’t choose to do it at such a shabby salon, but go for somewhere more luxurious. secondly, their machine’s brochure was dubious. the “success” picture is just a stock pic you can find all over the internet.

      On the other hand, for my IPL I’ve done it 9 times since. there is some effect, though still far from target. I shall just say the procedure is not very professionally done and it is definitely not worthy of the original price (voucher claimed it worth $2000+). But still, it does seems slightly better than reviews for beyond beauty.

      • hello Hungry bird, the voucher stated “unlimited” and then in small , with caveat, they added “limited to 12 times”. this is clearly misleading.
        I have done it 12 times, my hair is exactly the same, my skin sensitivity is not, it is all red now. unlike you I paid something like 488 SGD for that, so that’s a lot of money! I mentioned them that the procedure was not working, they told me I had to buy another 6 sessions, from a machine that is “really working”. WTF!! I will complain to street deal and ask for a refund as those people of Pretty 360 are clearly buggers. thanks for sharing your experience anyway!

      • Hi Julie,

        Unfortunately, if you bought it from Streetdeal i think there’s nothing you can do because the customer service of streetdeal is beyond bad. they will say it is your fault and protect themselves and the merchant. you can see on facebook that there are unhappy customers complaining everyday. perhaps you can try negotiating with pretty 360 instead.

  2. It’s not a place I would recommend. The staff were friendly but the manager was very pushy and insisted I bought their package. They don’t operate on public holidays and Sundays. I would rather go to much classy place which are open on ph n Sunday.

  3. Please be careful when using streetdeal! After purchasing a deal from Streetdeal, I found that money had been taken out of my account for an unauthorised transaction to purchase another deal from Streetdeal, that was not made by me!!! This was after I keyed in my credit card details online using Street deal’s website.

    Called my bank immediately and had to change my card. After that, never bought from Streetdeal again.

  4. i do agree that they try to hard sell!!! Those in the beauty industry should not make customer feel obliged to buy their package as customers are there trying to relax. also the customer do not owe u anything,it is not a must like they must sign up your package . it is the customer own money okay and they have the right to decide if they want to sign up. you can only suggest to them what package is ideal for them and not hard sell. also,it is very ahrd to book an appointment there even one moneth in advance.all in all,don’t sign uo their sign up one they will continue hard sell u other package!!!

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