K ki – Cakes

Before going to Kki, be smart, call up to reserve the cakes you want! I called up at 11:22am to reserve the cakes for 3pm. I was there 2 weeks ago only to be disappointed as everything was sold out.

The cakes are $8.50+ – $9.00+, and they only charge 10% service charge. I’m not sure if that applies to takeaway too, but dined in with tea and coffee. The Gryphon’s Osmanthus Sencha ($5.50+) I had was very lovely!

The shop is really small and the ambience is nothing worth mentioning but it’s a different story for the cakes.


This cake has a bitter orange centre and the mousse is basil milk chocolate. I’m not particularly fond of this.


The next piece we tried was the Kinabaru. It’s coconut mousse with passion fruit centre, with a chocolate dacquoise base. The mouse was indeed very light and the flavours went well together with a mixture of sweet and sour, but I didn’t feel that this would be my favourite.

Fromage Melon

This one’s a cheese mousse with melon filling. The cheese was so light and airy I felt I was eating air! But the flavour was prominent. Melon lovers would love this. This is my 2nd favourite of the lot! One of my dining partners claimed this to be her favourite. She’s a melon lover.


This one’s champagne and strawberry but it’s also my least favourite, despite looking so pretty. The champagne flavour was really bitter, and that flavour is concentrated on the outside. It is milky sweet on the inside, however.

Mont Blanc

My search for the best mont blanc in Singapore could end here as this is really THE BEST I’VE EATEN! I thought Flor’s fared really well but this totally stood out. The arguments over sponge based or tart base being better can end here as this has both! The chestnut cream was of the perfect flavour. One of my dining partners likes chestnuts and she liked this best. I do not like chestnuts, but I still liked this best! Ironically, this is the only non-mousse cake here, when their forte is mousse.


Lastly, we had the tiramisu. It didn’t really stand out to me, and definitely not one of the best around. The sponge layer was reeking with alcohol, I could taste no coffee.

K ki ケーキ

1 Zubir Said Drive
SOTA, #02-01
Singapore 227268

Tel: 6225 6650

Tuesday to Friday
12:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Monday
12:00pm – 7:00pm


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