Prego III – Dinner

It’s my third visit to Prego. The prices have gone up, but with Feed at Raffles, you still get 50% off if you come with a friend. On a Sunday, the restaurant wasn’t packed, which was good, but the service was somehow slow.

The servers seemed ‘blur’ and they took a long time to serve us our bread. To be exact, they only served the bread 2 minutes before serving our mains.

For February, they had some special dishes, which really attracted me.

Squid Ink Ravioli – $34.00++

Stuffed with Crabmeat in Creamy Lobster Broth and Fresh Basil

I was torn between this and the truffle ravioli but picked this in the end. I was expecting the ravioli to have a squid ink skin but oh well. The fillings had squid in though. It was crabmeat inside and outside. And this pasta was heavenly. It has got to be one of the best I’ve ever had! the crab meat was so soft, and the lobster broth was the tastiest pasta sauce ever. The ravioli was perfectly cooked too. The only gripe was the serving size which was insanely small.

Angus Prime Beef – $42.00++

My dining partner wanted to get the Grilled Beef Fillet ($42.00++) but the server informed her that the daily special was the Angus Beef. Bad choice. The beef was terribly executed. It had doneness from all ends of the spectrum, from medium rare, medium, medium well, well done to burnt. The server could tell we were displeased and he gave us a complimentary tiramisu as ‘compensation’.


I’ve tried their tiramisu before and it is one of the best. The standard remains and we both liked this a lot.

Manjari Chocolate Ravioli – $14.00++

This is a warm dessert, which I wasn’t expecting it to be, to be honest. On the menu they stated that there would be vanilla Chantilly but I didn’t see that. The chocolate filling inside the ravioli was super bitter that I had to drench it in the warm chocolate sauce.

Profiterolles – $14.00++

We ordered both desserts from the February special menu and this one was better. The gelato was very refreshing and we both love cream puffs so this was a winner.

With the discount, our total bill came up to be $61, which wasn’t much different from my previous experience.

Overall, I would recommend Prego for their pastas, cod, and desserts.


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