Equinox II – Lunch

Equinox’s Semi Buffet Lunch used to be my favourite buffet because of the beautiful ambience, good food, free flow of foie gras, convenient location and alarmingly cheap price. I revisited equinox again today!

I made my reservations less than a week in advance and did not specify my preference of seating but I got assigned a window seat. It was a cloudy day so it wasn’t too hot sitting next to the window at noon.

The overall experience here was about the same, except that they no longer serve foie gras, which was a major let down. The price is still the same, at $59.00++, and as usual I had 50% off.



Assorted sushi


Parma ham with rock melon and fig

Seafood (crabs, oysters, mussels, clams and prawns)

Smoked salmon

Cakes & desserts #1

Cakes & desserts #2

White chocolate cake

I was extremely attracted by this orange coloured white chocolate cake.

Raspberry dome

Chocolate gateau

Chocolate fondue

They have changed their chocolate fountain into just a pot of chocolate.


The cheese station had significantly less variety now than they had previously.

There was also a DIY salad bar, 2 types of soup, ice cream, and some cold appetisers, including the new foie gras parfait.

Foie Gras Parfait

This was tough rather than creamy and smooth. Not good. They should really bring their pan fried foie gras back!

The salmon sashimi was relatively fatty that day and was very fresh! The crab tasted good too and even better dipped in aioli.

Chicken Breast

Duck Confit

The choices of main courses have changed since my last visit.

This could really be the highlight of my meal. The caramel ice cream was really good! Very smooth and creamy. But what made it better was the toppings of raspberry and mango sauce and crunchy chocolate pearls! I had 3 servings of the same combination and added more pearls each time.

Sadly, none of the cakes were worth mentioning. The sponges were generally dry and rough. However, the raspberry dome was alright, if you like it sweet. It’s a mousse cake which explains why it’s spared from being ruined by dry sponge.

At the end of our meal, we were served coffee or tea. I picked the green tea which was pleasant.

Overall, I still recommend this place as a perfect location for a leisurely meal with your girl pals as the place is lovely with perfect lighting and backgrounds for taking photos. Lunch is a better option than high tea in any case as I heard the food for high tea is atrocious!


5 thoughts on “Equinox II – Lunch

  1. i had lunch at equinox a few days back and had the steak which was sorely disappointing, should have had your choice of main courses! It’s Serrano Ham not parma btw, although i have to admit the buffet is good value with FAR lest the main courses.

    • the duck i had was alright only. i only like the skin part! well the menu said the steak was sirloin so i avoided it. i don’t like sirloin steak! they used to have tenderloin before they changed the menu. i thought i saw the word parma on the label must have seen wrongly. thanks!

      • Well since you’ve been to equinox, you should try Jaan, it will really blow you away =) Even without FAR for lunch, i feel their 3 course lunch @ 52++ is a steal.

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