Taste Paradise II – Lunch

Definitely still my favourite place for dim sum. I was so excited to dine here again!

As the Roast Pork I had on my previous meal here wasn’t good, we skipped it this time.

Ha Kau – $4.80++

Taste Paradise Carrot Cake – $7.80++

This is an item I didn’t try previously. For $7.80++, this could be the most expensive cai tow kway I’ve ever had. However, I could see why it was their signature. The kway was soft but not soggy, and the overall taste was just splendid. I would definitely order this again! However, if you ask me where to get the best cai tow kway, my heart still lies with a $2 per packet one at Geylang East Hawker Centre.

Custard Buns – $3.60++

I’m sure by now, everyone should know that this is a MUST TRY!

Pan Seared Foie Gras – $16.00++

Taste Paradise has one of the best value foie gras in town! When I was served my heart sank a bit as it didn’t really look good. Indeed, the outer layer of the foie gras was a bit bland and dry but thankfully the inside was still alright. The caramelised apple and the puff pastry were bad though. The puff pastry tasted like uncooked dough and nothing like a pastry. It was so tough and soggy.

Siew Mai – $4.80++

Another dim sum staple to complete the meal.

Pumpkin Pastry

I had the pumpkin pancake at Paradise Dynasty before and it was good, so I wanted something similar. This pumpkin balls were filled with red bean paste. I like how chewy the pumpkin skin was!

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry – $3.90++

One of the best char siew sou around.


Looking forward to the next time dining here already!

For my previous post: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/taste-paradise-lunch/


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