1-Caramel – Cakes

I once had their Strawberry Shortcake about 2 years ago, and it was fantastic. I’ve been putting off the revisit because they have shifted to a not so convenient location at Rochester Park, from their old premises next to The Cathay. They do have a small outlet at Raffles Place so if you’re working there, lucky you.

This was the Strawberry Shortcake I had 2 years ago, at Raffles Place. I am unsure whether they still have slice cakes or not at that outlet.


*update: they do have sliced cakes at Raffles Place and they cost only $6.50 or $6.90 each, cheaper than the $10 price tag at Rochester. The Strawberry Shortcake is $6.90. 15% off is applicable for Standard Chartered cards. They only operate on weekdays from 8am- 7pm so don’t bother trying your luck there on weekends.

Anyway, I did not manage to have this when I went to Rochester, because it was sold out.

The service there was pretty awkward. The moment I stepped into the premises, the wait staff signalled me to a seat, next to a table of 2 other diners, when in fact, there are many other seats scatted around the area unoccupied. Of course, I chose a seat with more privacy and no, they were not reserved.

Then another awkward staff came to inform me that they only had 3 choices for the sliced cakes, when I asked if there are any non-whole cakes. We ordered 2 of them. Later on, we returned one of them because it smells bad. They offered to do a replacement and not charge for it, so we were only charged for 1 cake. Fair enough, but at that point, she listed another 4 choices. So in the first place, how many cakes were available actually? That was weird.

When I went home and logged on to their facebook, I noticed that they were supposed to have individual mini cakes other than just sliced cakes. I wonder if they simply did not offer me those or they were coincidently all sold out.

The service wasn’t bad there, just awkward.

Chocolate Praline Cake – $10

This chocolate cake was lovely. The chocolate they used was evidently of good quality and the mousse was very smooth and I like the slight crunch within the base, but they could have had more of those crunches. This would be a close competitor to Obolo’s Noisette. The only con here is that the hazelnut was kind of ‘soggy’ instead of crunchy. The slice was very large and would more than 1 person’s portion.

Lychee Rose

This was the cake which we returned. We only noticed that it’s gone bad when we tasted it from behind – the pink part smells like spoilt yogurt!

Red Velvet

As the replacement for the soured cake, we got a slice of Red Velvet. To my dismay, it doesn’t come with cream cheese frosting. Red Velvet is a perfect match with cream cheese. The red velvet sponge itself was good though. It would have been perfect if it was matched with cream cheese!


1 Caramel

1 Rochester Park

Tel: 6774 1302


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