Taste Paradise – Dinner

I previously recommended Taste Paradise as a good place to have dim sum. It was my first time having dinner there today.

Daily Soup – $12.00++

The soup of the day was chicken and mushroom soup. It was just normal, with a strong taste of chicken broth.

Taste Paradise Carrot Cake – $7.80++

Somehow, it tasted better during my previous visit. I had my favourite $2 carrot cake for lunch and I actually think the $2 one tasted much better than this. I will post about my favourite local food in another post.

Beancurd Skin Roll

I can’t remember the actual name and price but I think it cost around $20.00++. We wanted a beancurd dish and the staff recommended this one. I was actually aiming another beancurd dish but oh well. This one was quite lousy. No doubt the beancurd skin was crispy, but they probably used some recycled oil and there was a funky smell to it. The sauce didn’t seem to match with it either. Do not try.

Poached Spinach with 3 types of egg

I can’t remember the price but I think it cost $18.00++. This is my favourite type of vegetable dish at Chinese restaurants and I think this was quite good!

Pork Rib with Plum Sauce – $10.00++

This was nice but not to the extent of it being fantastic. The meat was tender but it is as tender as how most pork ribs are. The plum sauce was slightly sweet and tangy and I found that it went not bad with it.

Braised Vermicelli with Simmered Shredded Fish and Dried Scallop – $24.00++

This was the best dish of the day. But it was a pity they only served it last, and in fact, late and we couldn’t finish. I would rather they serve the beancurd last so we didn’t have to finish that. The broth was very fragrant with the taste of fish and scallop. I am no fan of vermicelli but the broth was so nice, it covered for the blandness of it.

In summary, I do not think they serve the best Chinese food, based on the standard of our food. I would recommend having lunch there instead. The service was not as good too. I’m not sure if they changed their staff but a lot of them were foreigners and non-Chinese. I do think it is important that the staff are Chinese in order to explain/ understand the menu or expectations of a Chinese restaurant better. Some of them even gave me the confused/blur look at some point of time. I do not tolerate ‘confused’ people, let alone service staff, when the situation is not at all confusing to start with. It just goes to show that they are incompetent.

For dinner, I think Paradise Dynasty is a better and less expensive option.


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