The Tavern – Dinner II

This is my third time at The Tavern, and my second for dinner service. The first time I had it was during March 2011 Restaurant Week, and I had a 3 course dinner for $55.00++ and we had a pleasant experience, noting that it was a place with good steak.

A last minute decision brought me and my dining partner here, as we wanted a place with good steak preferably to wine and dine for 3 hours. We did not have any reservations but there was ample vacancy when we arrived at 7pm. I guess business for this almost 2 decade old place wasn’t as brisk as the more fashionable celebrity chef restaurants sprouting up nowadays.

Currently, they are having a set dinner which cost $120.00++, which consists of 5 courses. On certain occasions they will have a 1 for 1 promotion so do call them up to ask if you are interested, as it is one of the best value dinners you can get in town considering the quality and the quantity.

Both my dining partner and I took the set menu, as well as a bottle of 2006 Margaux for $120.00++.

We were served with bread to start. The bread was like a mini baguette bun and I appreciate that they served it warm, and it was still warm to even after 5 minutes of sitting on the table.

Alaskan Crab Timbale with Salmon Roe

The first course was a salad, a crab salad. The crab meat was generous, plump and succulent. Though it was not very unique, it was good enough to make a decent crab salad.

Essence of Cepes Mushroom

The second course was a soup. It was like a consommé rather than the more common creamy soups you get in such restaurants. However, this is a good idea for those looking to cut carbs and fats. Honestly I think that the stock wasn’t well flavoured enough.

Pan-fried Goose-Liver

This was served with a dried fig which was concealed behind the foie fras. Having this in the menu makes a foie gras lover like me very happy!This foie gras was cooked to perfection and met my expectations of foie gras. They did not cheat by using duck foie gras.

Grilled Prime U.S. Cab Rib-Eye Steak, baked idaho-potato, vegetables of the day

Before the main course was served, we were given mango sorbet to cleanse our palate. The steak we had was about 180g and it was cooked to medium rare. It was tender and flavourful, like what I expected of it. The baked Idaho potato was very soft, and almost felt like mashed potatoes! I appreciate this instead of those hard baked potatoes were I have to dig hard into it.

Coupe Nesselrode

Tiramisu Cake with Fruits

The desserts were the same as the last time we had dinner here. Nothing to rave about, just really decent.

Overall, it was a pleasant meal. The ambiance is very homely and cosy rather than posh and luxurious. The service was decent, but nothing to praise about. With the quality steak they serve, it remains as one of my favourite restaurants still!

For my past review: March 2011 Restaurant Week


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