Royal China II – Lunch

I’ve been to Royal China once last year and was satisfied with their standards. I wouldn’t say they have the best dim sum in Singapore, because strictly speaking, for each individual item I could name somewhere better. However, everything is above average, in the 70/100 and above range, thus the whole meal is really pleasant.

BBQ Pork Pastry

If I had to name an item which Royal China has better than other places in Singapore, it has to be the Char Siew Soh. The pastry is of the perfect flakiness. I have to clarify that I am not a specific fan of char siew soh, and do not usually order this normally from average places, but this rendition here is really good.

Peking Duck with Caviar

This Peking Duck is also better than most other place’s, but not as fantastic as Paradise Pavillion’s ($88++). However, from the same league (about $66++ a duck), this is better than the other contenders.

Duck with Scallions

The remaining meat was stir fired with scallions at an additional charge of $20. It was really good! Tender and no animalic duck smell.

Roast Pork

The skin is crispy, but in the prawn cracker kind of crispiness – the airy kind of crispy, not exactly the best around. It wasn’t very warm when served as well.

Custard Buns

On the menu, they mentioned that their custard buns have mango juice, but I honestly couldn’t make it out in the taste. The custard was flowy, but perhaps a little too flowy. The bun texture wasn’t the best either. It was rather rough and dry. Overall, it is not bad, but not anywhere near Taste Paradise/ Paradise Pavilion’s standards.

Egg Tarts

These egg tarts are almost as good as Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine’s (but I heard the consistency isn’t always there. If you’re lucky you’ll get really good ones). Highly recommended.

Century Egg Congee

I felt that the flavour of the porridge was lacking, but texture wise it was soft and fluffy enough.

Siew Mai

Pretty good

Har Kau

The skin is pretty weird this time, kind of soggy. I guess we were unlucky because the previous time it wasn’t like this.

Duck Tongue

I didn’t try it but I heard it wasn’t that good.

Pheonix Claw

I didn’t try this but I heard it was good.

Chicken and Gluntinous Rice

It was prettily wrapped. I didn’t try it but I heard it was normal.

Lotus Leaf wrapped Fried Rice

This was really good! very fragrant, very flavourful. Quite a good choice over the common noodles and fried rice.

The standard here remains top notch and I hope the next time I get to try more of their non-dim sum items.


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