Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru – Dinner

I usually shy away from mass market Japanese restaurants, because they are not really Japanese food, but I decided to try this place as it does look quite Japanese and I wanted to settle dinner at Liang Court. It’s a conveyor belt restaurant, but they do have seats away from the belt and you can order from the waiters. Unlike Sushi Express, they do not originate from Taiwan and they have different prices. The prices are colour coded by plates.

I went for dinner on Sunday and at around 6pm, there were plenty of seats. When I finished my meal around 7:30pm, the restaurant wasn’t packed either.

Variety wise, it is very extensive. They serve the more uncommon items which most other Japanese restaurants do not serve. They even have premium items like otoro and chutoro.

Tea is chargeable at $1.80++, but is refillable. The service was quite prompt and getting attention of waiters was very easy. This is much better than Sushi Express, where the presence of staff was almost non-existent.

Uni – $5.80++

Aburi Salmon – $2.80++

Nama Hotate- $4.80++

Toro Salmon – $3.80++

Anago – $3.80++

Toro Bincho – $4.80++

Tempura Udon – $9.60++

Generally, though I do like the variety, the quality of ingredients could be improved. The freshness level was not fantastic. In fact, Sushi Express might have better freshness. The temperature of some of the fish is too cold and the sea urchin was kind of on the bitter side. The anago was very disappointing and I think it is because it was not grilled enough. However, the sushi skills were fair, and fish to rice proportion was good. Sushi Express, though cheaper, is very unprofessional in this aspect with the fish coming in odd sizes, sometimes even smaller than the rice.

Other than just sushi, they do have some cooked food like udon to make you full, if sushi is not filling enough for you. It belongs to one of my dining partner so I don’t know the standard of it.

Overall, I do kind of liked what I had, except for the anago, though nothing was exceptionally good.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: I would recommend this place only if you happen to be in Liang Court and want to have a low cost Japanese sushi meal.


Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

177 River Valley Road

B1 Liang Court

Singapore 179030


Tel: 6337 1022


Daily: 11:00 – 21:30


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