Pies & Coffee – Dinner

Having lived in Australia before during my childhood years, I got to try super good beef pies back then. Pies are somewhat my comfort food. In Singapore, it is far less common, and way lacking in standard. The common Don pies do not appeal to me at all (and is quite bad in my opinion).

Recently there’s this new pie shop called Pies & Coffee and since Pie is in their name, it should be deducible that their pride is in their pies.

This cafe is located right next to Smith’s at Tanjong Katong, hence I had this in addition to my fish & chips for dinner.

They serve sweet and savoury pies. The prices are not cheap, comparing to what most people think pies should cost (like $2.50 each from some other places). However, I am willing to fork out if the pie is really good, because the cheap pies we get in Singapore is nowhere near my definition of a good pie.

Wagyu Beef Cheeks Pie – $9.95+

I decided on the wagyu beef cheeks pie. At $9.95+, this may be a premium price to pay for most people. However, do note that they use wagyu, and its beef cheeks. Not all parts of the cow cost the same so you can’t compare it to other pies which use other parts.

However, I do think that maybe they can consider using non wagyu beef cheeks to create some pies and offer a lower cost option for the beef pie.

The beef inside was really soft. The flavour of the gravy was as good as I expected. However, the pie pastry was towards the cakey and soft side. I am not sure of this was the intention, but I prefer a more flaky, crumbly and basically drier pie pastry than a soft soggy one. A small salad and mashed potato are served with the pies. I think this should be made optional and they should sell the pies ala carte as well since I didn’t really want the mashed potato and salad.


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: one of the better beef pies I’ve had in Singapore so far, which is pretty much lacking in pies


Pies & Coffee

232 Tanjong Katong Road

Singapore 437020

Tel: 63421667


9am – 11pm


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