Antoinette IV – Tea

If anyone asks me for a good café recommendation for afternoon tea, this will be the place I’ll recommend, The food is up to standards and the décor is lovely – my definition of good ambience. For women that is, not so for men as the whole concept is pretty frilly and girly.

Anyway I had some vouchers and what better meal to spend it on than tea, since the best things here are the cakes?

I went to the outlet at Penhas on a lovely Sunday afternoon and was pleased to see that it was rather quiet there with ample of parking spaces (and they are free!) and no queue at Antoinette.

Concorde Savoury Crepe – $20.50++

Roasted Chicken with bacon and creamy morel mushrooms served on the side


I didn’t really like this one, because the various components didn’t seem to blend well. It was like simply placing a few pieces of chicken and bacon on a crepe. However, the creamy mushroom sauce was good. It tastes somewhat like mushroom soup and there were many mushrooms in there.

Tahiti – $15.00++

Strawberry compote, strawberry coulis, vanilla ice cream, vanilla tuile and vanilla crème Chantilly


Among the crepes, I felt that the sweet one fared better. However, they should improve on the presentation. Smearing whipped cream and strawberry sauce all over kind of makes it messy. I like how the ice cream was a big scoop. I do like this crepe actually, and for strawberry lovers this flavour is good.

Kyoto – $9.00++

This is a green tea mousse cake and is my favourite from those I had today. Green tea mousse cakes are not that common in Singapore, and the only other I’ve had was at Canele. This one is way better, only because Canele’s was very tasteless when I tried it. I don’t think Canele sells it anymore as they have changed their cake selection quite extentisvely. However, I love green tea so Kyoto was good enough for me! The mousse was smooth and soft enough and the matcha flavour was distinguishable, though I would personally prefer it to be stronger.

Strawberry Shortcake – $8.00++

This one was ordinary, nothing much to rave about. There are many better versions of this out there!

Tarte Exotique – $8.50++

This one is probably designed to look like an egg. The ‘yolk’ is actually a bubble of passionfruit coulis. The white part is coconut mousse, the base is almond tart and it has Gula Melaka filling. Indeed, the combination is quite unusual and the appearance is really cute. However, I don’t think the mix of flavours worked well because all I could taste was the passionfruit. I couldn’t taste the coconut flavour was it was very subtle. I can only make it out when I taste it alone. Nevertheless, it’s quite a novel creation and I like creative looking pastries.

Le Royale – $8.00++

I just had to have a chocolate cake, so I selected this one over the rest because it said it contains 64% dark cocoa. The other options they had available were like white chocolate which is not really what I like. I like my chocolate rich and dark. Anyway, this was still on the sweet side and not dark enough. The layers were good though, I like the contrast of the mousse and cake layers with crunchy layers. This was better than Canele’s for sure but not the best of its kind still.


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