Pineapple Tarts 2013 – Baking

It’s the time of the year once again, to bake these goodies. This year, I did 30 boxes of these. I felt rather insulted to know that supermarkets are actually selling their version of pineapple tarts for just $5.95 a jar. I have not tried those personally but I do hope mine turns out very different because the effort put in is sure not just $5.95. In fact, the cost price of materials is around that price. The difficult part is the process, where one hour’s work can only yield about 1 jar. In order to make 30 jars it might have been a good 30 hours!

I only like my tarts to be open faced. Closed up tarts are an immediate turn off for me. I also like my tarts to look golden-yellow and the shape MUST be standardised with prints embossed clearly. So far the feedback I’ve received for this has been rather positive even though personally I am not satisfied with it.


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