Ladurée Singapore – Macarons

I love macarons and was happy to know that we can finally have this as an addition to the macaron scene in Singapore.

This was my first time trying the world famous macarons from Ladurée.

At $38 for a box of 8, or $3.80 per piece ($7 goes into the cost of the box, apparently), the macarons are much overpriced. I decided to get the box anyway for keepsake. It’s quite cute!

After trying all of them, my verdict is that they are very ordinary. The only one which stood out was the salted caramel flavour, but it didn’t surpass other places by a lot.

I honestly felt that the chestnut flavour tasted weird so don’t try that.

As someone who bakes macarons, I am aware of what can be done in order to make it better. I can tell that for the production of these, precision wasn’t the focus, and their recipes definitely has potential to be better, just that they didn’t bother to make it to maximum potential.

I’ll just say they are world famous macarons, and not the world’s best macarons.

Still, if you’ve never tried them, do try them for the heck of it!


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