London – Pollen Street Social

Many should be familiar with the restaurant POLLEN at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, which was touted as one of the best restaurants here. Supposedly POLLEN in Singapore serves classics from the flagship restaurant in London, Pollen Street Social. I have not tried Pollen before and I was thinking of trying Pollen Street Social to judge whether POLLEN was worth it.

Pollen Street Social was award with 1 Michelin star.

Canapes were served before the food.

For lunch they offered 2 courses for £26.00 or 3 courses for £29.50.

Pork and Foie Gras terrine

Firstly, for Asians (or maybe just me), this portion is way to big to be delightful because you’ll get sick of it if you had to eat so much fatty pork terrine. In Singlish, we call it jelat. Bread was provided to go along and it was alright if you have just have a bit. In my honest opinion, I would say this dish was simply trying too hard to impress with all the fanciful plating, but backfired because the taste didn’t deliver.


I know this is unfair, but comparing to Gordon Ramsay’s version of cod, this was pale in comparison. It’s still edible, but nothing to rave about.

Beef Cheeks

Sorbet as palate cleanser.

We ordered 1 portion of dessert to share and I’m glad we didn’t order 2 because it wasn’t that fantastic. In fact, I can’t even remember what this was or how it tasted like.

I feel that there are many better restaurants to try in London and Pollen Street Social probably isn’t one of the best. If you have limited days there and many places you want to try, give Pollen Street Social a miss because it isn’t a Must Try.


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