Sushi Kuu – Lunch

I was interested to try this place (famous in Hong Kong) ever since they opened their doors in Singapore not too long ago, and the recent promotion with WAttention just made the occasion to try! On the last day of the 10% discount promotion I made my way here for lunch. (Sorry readers, I only tried on the last day!)

When there’s sushi, there must be sake. This 300m bottle is $38.00++ but personally I didn’t really enjoy this one. Somehow the sake I had in Ibaraki was much better! I prefer my sake to be clearer and dryer. This one had a yellow tinge and was slightly sweet.

Sushi set (Normal) – $38.00++

There’s also a Deluxe sushi set and the difference lies in the type of fish they serve.

Uni, Toro & Ikura on rice – $64.00++

This is the most premium chirashi don on the menu and the ingredients used were all everybody’s favourite as well. I almost wanted to get it too but..

Assorted sashimi on rice – $49.00++

The waitress told me this was a better choice. It has more variety and it included uni, toro and ikura too. Since I like variety I decided to go for this one instead and indeed it was good!

It is not the best I’ve tried locally though, but I do like their variety of sashimi and it was definitely decent.

It was so filling too. All sets come with udon, miso soup and dessert. I couldn’t finish my udon.

The ice cream was probably from a supplier but matcha ice cream always makes me happy!


Ambiance: 7.5/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: If you come for lunch do get the assorted chirashi don. No regrets with my choice.


Sushi Kuu

390 Orchard Road

Palais Renaissance


Singapore 238871


Tel: 6736 0100


Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00

Dinner: 18:00 – 22:30



2 thoughts on “Sushi Kuu – Lunch

  1. Hi Hungry Bird,
    Firstly, great blog! its good sharing and very informative.

    i like to ask, besides Shinji where would you recommend for really good sushi.

    I love sushi, and my best experience is Kanesaka in Japan, Shinji comes close but it somehow falls short (and kind of cost more), anyway kind of saving money last few years, so no more shinji for a while, kind of lost about all the latest sushi places, only maintaining my weekly visit to TOMI sushi at Parco, now even that is gone.

    any recommendations??

    by the way, you should really head to Tokyo, great eating city.

    • Hi David!
      Yes I would love to head to Tokyo when there’s a chance!
      I feel that shinji isn’t really impressive nowadays too. There are new edomae sushi places which I haven’t tried though – kisho, hashida, sushidai (related to the one in Tsukiji).
      However, as much as I would like to try them all I figured if I save up those amounts I could have a better experience in Tokyo so it isn’t that worth it to splurge on Japanese food in Singapore!

      I assume you are only asking about sushi and not other types of Japanese food – for affordable normal occasion restaurants you could try Aoki, Tomi at Katong (same standard as PARCO’s!) or Novena (haven’t tried personally), shiraishi, tatsu or tatsuya. Hinoki used to be great too but they have revamped it so I am unsure now. That’s all I can think of at the moment!

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