Hong Kong – Egg Tarts

It was a regret that I did not try egg tarts AT ALL when I was in Hong Kong 4 years ago but I am glad this regret is no longer life long. Before I go into details, I shall just say that the egg tarts in Hong Kong are simply so different from those in Singapore – both the custard and the crust, and so much cheaper as well. Everyone should just avoid all egg tarts in Singapore and only have them in Hong Kong. Really, all egg tarts found in Singapore (aside from certain dim sum restaurants) are inedible.

The first one I tried on Day 1 of my trip was Honolulu Coffee Shop’s. This is actually a typical Hong Kong cafe but they are famous for their egg tarts as well. They have 2 outlets at Wan Chai and Central and I went to the latter because it was a stone’s throw away from my dinner place.I am unsure whether they have a central kitchen for this and whether there’s a difference between the 2 outlets.

Honolulu Coffee Shop’s Egg Tart – HK$7 (SG$1.14)

The pastry was slightly flaky, though not flaky to the extent of Portugese egg tarts. The taste of the pastry was alright – no funky rancid oil taste and the overall texture was rather light. The custard was soft and wobbly and was the perfect kind to me.

Overall, it was really good!

33 Stanley St, Hong Kong

On Day 2 of the trip I tried Ka Ka Bakery’s. This bakery is right outside North Point MTR and is actually just a typical neighbourhood bakery selling bread and cakes.

The price was incredibly low. The egg tarts here seems pretty popular because I noticed a few customers before me buying them among all other items sold at the bakery. I think this is one of those hidden gems that only locals would know of.

Ka Ka Bakery’s Egg Tart – HK$2.50 ($0.40)

Seriously, for $0.40, I don’t think you can buy anything to eat in Singapore that tastes almost as good. I have to emphasize that this is a full sized egg tart and not mini egg tarts. The pastry is of the short crust variation and I do like it. Some people have a clear preference over the pastry type but for me, I like them all – crumbly, flaky or very flaky, I love everything, as long as it’s made properly. This short crust pastry was made really properly and as you can see it crumbles pretty easily and is delicate. The custard was not super soft and wobbly but was good enough.

Seriously for $0.40?! Probably the best value egg tart ever!

27 Shu Kuk St North Point, Hong Kong

On Day 3 I went to The Peak and Tai Cheong Bakery had an outlet at The Peak Galleria. I am sure they didn’t have this here 4 years ago. I also noticed an outlet of Mak’s Noodles in this mall. Tai Cheong bakery has outlets all over Hong Kong and isn’t hard to find.

The shop seemed like a typical tourist targeted shop where you can buy souvenirs conveniently packaged, somewhat like Bengawan Solo in Singapore.

Other than egg tarts they do have other freshly baked goods.

Tai Cheong Bakery Egg Tart – HK$6 ($0.98)

The pastry was somewhere between short crust and flaky and it has granules of sugar within it giving it a unique texture. The custard was wobbly and soft as well. Overall it was very good and definitely lives up to the hype.

Shop No.19, L2, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, Hong Kong

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