Hong Kong – Sinmei Tea House

I’ve read about this place online and wanted to try it as one of the must try afternoon tea places in Hong Kong. The location is not very obvious to public as it is on the 5th floor of a building in Shueng Wan. However, I suppose most of the customers come here by the word of mouth and it remains popular despite the obscure location.  I came on a Monday and at 3pm it was rather crowded with more than half of the small premises occupied.

From the decor it is quite obvious that they are serious about tea.

The unique thing here is that they serve mainly matcha related items but at the same time serve Chinese tea. An afternoon tea set with oriental snacks is available but only with prior reservation, which unfortunately, I didn’t have. Nevertheless, the matcha desserts they offered were pretty attractive too.


Matcha Brownie – HK$78 ($12.68)

This was my first time seeing a brownie in matcha flavour and it worked out really well. The brownie has crunchy nuts in it and the matcha taste was strong enough.

Matcha Chocolate Fondant  – HK$78 ($12.68)

I actually didn’t order this but it was given to me complimentary. Regrettably I did not quite understand the explanation by the staff due to subtle language barrier but I am thankful that I got to try this because it was the best!

The lava cake was baked to perfect texture. It looked fully solid on the outside but was flowly inside. The matcha flavour was strong and the overall taste was not too sweet. It was my first time having green tea lava cake and this might just be better than traditional chocolate ones.

Matcha Cheese Cake – HK$40 ($6.50)

The texture was smooth and once again the taste of matcha was strong and good. The meringue top however was quite unnecessary even though it wasn’t malicious.

Matcha – HK$32 ($5.20)

The choice of drink was obvious for me. I love good matcha and it has been a while since the last time so I had to try it here. It was fun that I could get to prepare it myself.

Matcha Latte – HK$32

5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



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