Paris 2014 – Au Petit Sud Ouest

In Singapore most people assume pan seared foie gras and duck confit is what French food is about. However, such dishes are elusive in Paris and I hardly see it anywhere. I found this restaurant recommended on Trip Advisor and it’s specialty is duck. The location is near the Eiffel Tower and because of that I was skeptical about it (tourist trap?) but decided to try anyway.

The restaurant premises is half dine in half retail space and they sell their own products too with their brand. I made a reservation online but at noon the restaurant was rather empty. Walk in should not be a problem.

Smoked salmon

Since they sell their own products I’m guessing they smoke their own salmon too. This was good, fresh and not too salty.

Scrambled eggs with truffles

The scrambled eggs was like a gooey egg casserole with truffle flavour and it was very good! It’s best eaten when hot because the texture changes over time and when it has cooled it wasn’t as good anymore. Truffle and eggs always makes a good match.

Fried duck “foie gras” with truffle sauce

This isn’t goose but duck liver. The portion was very generous and is easily double the portion of what I have normally, with 4 pieces. I’m glad that everything was for sharing.

It was perfectly seared (even though they call it fried on the menu) and wasn’t short of expectations, though it did not exceed either. I don’t think this is any different from properly done foie gras anywhere else but the only magic France did for the foie gras was that it’s cheaper considering the portion size.

Confit duck leg with fried potatoes and mushroom

I am glad I wasn’t too greedy to insist having another main course. The duck confit was big enough to share. Everything was good here but it wasn’t like the best.

Overall this place serves very decent, above average food with traditional cooking. Nothing was disappointing or unpalatable and this might really be the only place that you can find duck confit and pan seared foie gras in Paris.

46 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France



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