Beauty – Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water

I have been applying makeup for many years and the most important step is removal. Makeup is not harmful for skin as long as you remove it properly every night!

I take removal very seriously because I do not want any clogged pores due to make up. If that happens it’s just serve you right. Or maybe you can be excused for not knowing earlier, but now that I have mentioned you know it and you have no excuse to not remove makeup properly.

I usually use Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil to remove everything just before bathing. Cleansing oil requires water to emulsify and a double cleanse to remove all residue with a regular cleanser. In other words, I need to wash my face with full action. This isn’t a problem when I’m already heading for the shower.. but what if I’m not?

There are many situations where I would want to remove my makeup but NOT get splashed all over by water. Here are five examples:

  • On a flight (long haul especially)
  • Before yoga after a long day out
  • When I made a mistake with my makeup and want to reapply
  • When I do not want to shower and head straight to bed
  • When I want to remove makeup only partially

Rather than a wash off makeup remover like cleansing oil, the better option for such cases would be to use a wipe off cleansing water!

Here we have the Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water, kindly sent to me from the Sample Store.

I brought the whole bottle along with me to yoga for illustration purposes but of course you can transfer a travel size amount into a smaller container to use. I was going for yoga in the evening and this is the best way to remove my makeup without making a mess!

The major consideration when using this option would be the fear that it is not as clean as a wash off product. After all, only wiping is required. What if there are residues? And it looks like water. What’s the difference between this and plain water?

Firstly, you need to make sure your product has the technology to remove all your makeup. Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water is formulated with:

  • Watery Micellar Technology that efectively dissolves and lifts of all makeup including mascara and eyeliner
  • Natural Mineral Water from the Northern Japanese Alps for a gentle and soothing formula
  • Enriched Collagen and White Tea Extract for brighter, softer and suppler skin
  • Anti-bacterial formula helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimises pores for a clearer and more refined complexion

This is my everyday face – Clarins Sunscreen, Benefit Posie Tint Blush, Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick 553 Princess, MAC Studio Sculpt on undereyes, Dollywink Eyeliner and Paul & Joe eyebrow powder. I keep it minimal because I know I’m going for yoga after work and have to remove everything eventually.

To use:

• Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad
• Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe of makeup
• No rinsing required
• For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping it of
• Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is clean

The process was very quick and easy, which is ideal in situations where I’m rushing for my yoga class. It takes less than a minute to remove everything and no rinsing is required!

Totally sans makeup, ready for a sweaty practice on the mat.

I’ve tried several brands of micellar cleansing water before and for Biore performed well for the low price. It is significantly more affordable than the other brand I’ve been using!

You can get it at S$18.90 in all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and major departmental stores.


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