Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar – Drinks

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Years ago I’ve been to Buyan for dinner. I will always remember this restaurant because it’s one of the very places which serves Russian food in Singapore. In fact, it the only Russian restaurant I’ve ever tried this lifetime (yet). Recently, they have revamped the space and now half of the location houses Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar and I have been invited to try some of their signatures in collaboration with the Entertainer App (more about it later on).

This restaurant is helmed by award winning Indian Chef Abhijit Saha (which the restaurant is named after) and offers modern Indian cuisine –  an array of eclectic flavours originating from the rich culinary tapestry of the various Indian regions, recreated with modern techniques and presented with international aesthetics.

In other words, you get traditional Indian inspired food with a modern twist and some of them was even influenced by Singaporean’s preferences, since the real Indian food is known to be very different in India. As with most Indian restaurants, you will definitely have a wide selection of vegetarian options.

The most unique part of this new establishment is the Terrace Bar @ Saha, a 22-seat al fresco Terrace Bar where you can get avant garde mixology-based signature cocktails & Indian-flavour-inspired cocktails crafted by Chef Saha and executed by Saha’s resident mixologist. Of course you can try ordering classic concoctions but if you want something different from the norm you can find a lot of bespoke cocktails here, accompanied by a selection of Indian tapas.

Assorted Papad *Vegetarian 
Duet of chutneys

If you got to have just 1 bar snack this is my recommendation. I could munch on these all day in fact! The chutneys were quite mild and wasn’t as pungent/ spicy as those I’ve had before at other traditional Indian restaurants, which makes it easily palatable and very approachable.

Indian Mojito
Old Monk Supreme Rum, Mint, Lime, Demerara Sugar and Soda

This has to be the closest to the classic version among all the drinks served tonight. Instead of fresh lime, they used dehydrated lime.

Cyro Pomegranate Margarita
Don Fulano Blanco Tequila, Pomegranate Juice, Promegranate Liquer, Cointreau and Fresh Limt Juice with Liquid Nitrogen

This one was on the sweeter side. Liquid nitrogen was poured before serving, hence the smoke observed but I really don’t know what it does for the drink other than the aesthetics (and possibly cooler temperature?).

Baked Samosa Triangles *Vegetarian
Potato, cashew and green peas filling, chutney foam

My first reaction upon biting into the samosa was “why is it not crispy?!”. However, I reread the menu and found my answer – this is baked not fried. Despite being non crispy, the taste of this item was actually good enough to make up for the loss in texture. On the other hand, baking instead of frying is a healthier option obviously, so I can overlook the lack of crispiness for health sake. The chutney foam was not very spicy or pungent and was quite appetizing. I tried to scoop out as much as possible when having it.

Virgin Saha Mary
Guava juice, tomato juice, basil, tobasco, fresh lime, Hickory smoke

Unlike the previous drink, the smoke from this isn’t all about aesthetics. The Hickory smoke was obtained from the real cigar (they have lots of them at Buyan I guess!) and the smell is very strong and pungent. If you are familiar with Aston’s Hickory Chicken Chop, it smells just like that. This is mocktail but instead of the usual syrupy kind, this was more like a (diluted) fruit juice, with smoke. It was kind of like having fruit punch at a BBQ. This was not a crowd pleaser but fans of exotic stuff (with alcohol intolerance) may want to try this.

Khasta Roti Tacos *Vegetarian
Amritsari chickpeas, avocado salsa and sour cream

This is my favourite tapas among all the ones I’ve tried tonight! I’m sorry the best dish has to have the worst photo. I am not vegetarian or vegan but at the same time I do not require to have a meat product in every of my meal just because I honestly do not feel weird not having meat. Despite not being one of you, I can assure that meat lovers would be satisfied with this because it really doesn’t taste like something vegetarian. The amritsari chickpeas has a “meaty” texture (well, kind of…) and everything else it’s mixed with just tastes nice together. The taco base wasn’t very crispy but had more of a shortbread biscuit texture. If you need a second bar snack aside from the papad, this is my recommendation.

Compressed Watermelon Martini
Beefeater gin, watermelon liqueur, watermelon juice, basil & black salt foam

This was more or less like drinking watermelon juice.

Pashmina Chicken Supreme Kebab
Mace and cardamom marinade, toasted pistachio, saffron sauce

The chicken kebab had an unmistakle Indian taste to it due to the spices, but was overall quite easy on the palate too for me who doesn’t often have Indian food (and hence I probably cannot handle the strong spices or herbs too well, yet.)

Prawn Milagu Roast
Crushed black pepper, onion, tomato, curry leaves

The prawns were good but it wasn’t anything really extraordinary. It was just good old prawns. Good old curry prawns, which everybody will love and is the obvious crowd pleaser. This will make a very safe choice if you want a non-vegetarian bar snack! To dislike this you either: 1. hate prawns 2. hate curry. Few people happen to be either of that.

Liquid nitrogen for the Cyro Pomegranate Margarita.

Negroni Campari

The bartender made some special cocktails which were off the menu for the night. However, I did not really enjoy this one because it was kind of bitter.


This is without a doubt Indian inspired with that curry leaf in there!


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Food: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Value: N/A
Overall: The food has potential. Wouldn’t mind coming here again!
9A Duxton Hill (2nd floor)
Singapore 089593

Tel: 62237321

Lunch: Mon – Sat, 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: Mon – Sat, 6pm – 11 pm
Terrace Bar: Mon – Sat, 5 -11pm
Sunday – Closed

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