Tsukada Nojo – Dinner III

I’ve been to Tsukada Nojo a couple of times already and it is one of the few hotpots I’m satisfied with (which is not many). The main reason I suspect is because I know there is collagen and I love the idea, but of course I do think the soup is pretty tasty too. (This is quite a costly way to get your dose of collagen, so on a daily basis collagen supplement is a better idea. Check out what’s my favourite brand here.) The queue at the Plaza Singapura outlet is notoriously long (fat hope trying to get at table at normal dinner hours. You either go at 5pm or wait until 9pm if you choose to arrive at 7pm.. and thereafter the waitlist will be full and you won’t get to eat) because the restaurant is small and turnover is slow, but thankfully the newer outlets at Chinatown Point and Westgate has much bigger seating capacity and getting your fix there isn’t difficult.

Onigiri – $3.50 – $3.80++

I don’t know whether they have changed it entirely or is it only for the Westgate outlet but the size was a lot smaller than how I remembered it to be when I first had it at Plaza Singapura. However, it is good to have less rice isn’t it? It’s the broiled fatty pork that’s the star here.

Chicken Nanban (Spicy) – $8.50++

For this dish, they have spicy and original tartar sauce versions to choose from. Spicy was the obvious choice and the sauce was very tasty. This was basically boneless fried chicken, Japanese-western style (hence the salad and tartar sauce), originating from Miyazaki. The specific farm where they get their chickens and collagen is called Tsukada Nojo (hence the restaurant name) and is located in Miyazaki, which is the prefecture famous for their chickens.

Chicken Wings – $8.00++

The crispiness cannot be compared to Korean Fried Chicken but I do like the coating and it was decent chicken wings.

Bijin Nabe (2 sets) – $25.00++/set

Of course the bijin nabe is a must order whenever I’m here. I mean if you don’t have this, you shouldn’t even be here because the sides aren’t stellar on their own. Everything except the bean curd is organic, I was told. Actually, breaking it down I do not think that the ingredients are the best in the world – I never liked chicken in steamboat and the rest are just vegetables. I happen to be a big vegetables eater so this works well for me and perhaps for carnivores it may just be tormenting. But really it’s just the collagen soup that keeps me coming back, and probably the addictive sauces as well which are provided to everybody on the side.

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