Kansai 2014 Day 2 – Kyoto

The second day in Kyoto was to be spent entirely in Kyoto too, so it’s best to get a ¥500 bus pass which gives unlimited bus rides for a day within Kyoto City. The first stop was Arashiyama, probably my favourite place in Kyoto. Here you get natural scenery as well as cultural ones like religious sites (though not the best in town). There are also lots of souvenir shops and wagashi speciality shops.

Particularly of interest to me was Chikuji-an(竹路庵).

Their best seller is the warabi mochi but they also have daikufu and other sorts of wagashi.

Most of the items are packaged in gift boxes but they have warabi mochi to go for ¥200 in a cup. I got one of these to try AND IT IS THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD! It was so soft and the soy bean powder was so fragrant. Overall it was not too sweet.

Also got some daifuku to try and I liked them too. I regret not buying back a box of warabi mochi, in all flavours, but then again it probably tastes best when eaten fresh.

45-4 SagaTenryutera Kitazo-ro-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto fu, Japan

The rest of Arashiyama was beautiful as usual.

Near Arashiyama bus stop (near Togetsu Bridge) you’ll find a souvenir shop (tourist trap kind, really, the sort which sells a mix of products from all sorts of manufacturers) which sells soft cream. I was particularly interested in the sweet potato flavour. It was very rich, creamy and heavy in flavour! I felt as though I was really eating a sweet potato! This is worth a try.

Lunch was Kaiseki at Roan Kikunoi. In Kyoto, do not scrimp on food because it’s they have the best. You won’t find such quality anywhere else! Check my review here.

A short walk away from Gion Shijo is Nishiki (錦) Market, located in the Kawaramachi area. This market specialised in dried goods and all sorts of Japanese ingredients.

Chestnut is in season.

The entire street of Nishiki was filled with shops selling this kind of stuff.

Back to Gion Tsujiri for matcha soft cream! This one is actually available in Singapore too.

Nothing much the rest of the day, except for shopping around and browsing the streets. Chanced upon the cheapest Otona no amasa (オトナの甘さ) matcha Kit Kat at aa drugstore (薬) around Kawaramachi. There are many drugstores and they all have different prices – some has cheaper collagen powder, some has cheaper vitamins and supplements. It is all different and when one has cheaper this, it doesn’t mean the whole shop is cheaper and has cheaper that as well. The prices probably fluctuates so you got to hunt around for the best bargain!

Found this crepe shop around Kawaramachi Rokaku Dori, near where my hotel was. I’ve actually seen the main shop for this brand further down near Ichiran, but this outlet serves matcha crepe. Tried it just for the novelty.

Personally, I would prefer it without the preserved strawberries. I wish they were fresh instead. Otherwise it was a decent crepe. I love Japanese crepes!

Sanjiya Rokkaku Sakura 六角さくら店
431 Shinkyogoku dori rokkaku nishiri sakurano-cho, chukyo-ku, Kyoto-Shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan

Dinner was at Freshness Burger. This is like Mos Burger’s competitor.

Freshness Burger – ¥320

This wasn’t fantastic, sadly. The seasonal version I had at Narita Shisui Premium Outlets was so much nicer!

Classic Burger – ¥480

Chicken Nanban Burger – ¥390

This is their seasonal item and it was so much better! The chicken nanban was juicy and crispy. The sauce also complemented well. Looks like their seasonal items are always better.

376-8 Kawaramachi Dori Shiji Agaru Komeyacho, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, Japan

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