Anti:dote – Afternoon Tea

My first great meal of the year on the first weekend of 2015 was afternoon tea at Anti:dote. The ambiance is not the best around because it’s a tapas bar after all, but the interesting setup of the items got me interested to try.

I made the mistake of not reserving because the place is always rather empty. However, they have limited sets so reservation of the high tea sets are necessary even though seats are ample. By a stroke of luck, some person canceled and I managed to get 2 sets without reservation.

They have the Anti:dote tea and the oriental tea. The only difference is the starter and the price is the same at $38.00++ (20% off for Feed at Raffles or Amex platinum cards). The oriental set comes with shrimp har gau, chive dumpling and scallop siew mai.

The anti:dote tea set comes with the Anti:dote black truffle scrambled eggs.

Truffle always goes perfect with scrambled eggs.

And here is the highlight – the 3 tier set up of finger sandwiches and pastries! TWG tea is provided and I chose the French Earl Grey while my friend took the Green Beauty Tea, both very aromatic.

Strawberry gateau, raspberry, lychee pearl
Apple delight, almond crumble
Karukera chocolate mirror tart
Earl grey éclair
Anti:dote rum baba
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Handmade truffles
Yuzu Macaron

Coronation curried chicken
Boston lobster roll, herb mayonnaise
Prosciutto, onion jam, aged cheddar
Cucumber and dill salad, cream cheese
Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviar

Warm raisin and candied ginger scones
Lemon, basil pound cake

Shortbread cookies
Homemade strawberry jam, Devonshire clotted cream, lemon curd

Such a nice presentation calls for an Instavideo!

The food was decent and my favourite would be the chocolate tart. I like the ginger scones more than the raisin ones even though I usually dislike ginger. I appreciate that they serve clotted cream.

This is one of the more creative high teas I’ve seen so far and I do think it was a nice experience and definitely a great first high tea of 2015!

However, food quality wise, their tapas is still better.

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