Casa Tartufo – Dinner

The first time I tried this restaurant was on the last day of 2013 and it was still at the old location at Forum. I’ve been wanting to revisit for the whole of 2014 but somehow it never happened. It has moved to Scarlet Hotel but the restaurant is pretty much the same.

Burrata – $43.00++
Burrata cheese with truffle heart

This antipasti is obviously for sharing unless you really love cheese and just want to have a whole piece of cheese for dinner. I don’t think you can eat anything else if you have this all by yourself because it is big and cheese is filling. The burrata was very creamy, but kind of too creamy. I would prefer it slightly more solid because near the center it was more like fluid than cheese. The truffle taste was evident and burrata (which is lovely on it’s own) is even better with truffle. I would suggest sharing this among 4 people at least because you do not want to get full (or sick of) on burrata right?

Tajarin – $39.00++
Signature piedmont thin egg-noodles with fresh winter black truffles

This portion has been split into 3 for us so this is 1/3 of the full portion, which will actually be quite big because my 1/3 of the pasta was enough for me for tasting since I’m not just getting one course. I suggest sharing this among 2 or 3, but not 4 because you definitely will want more as this is really good! It’s so far my favourite truffle pasta, not that I’ve had a lot before (probably less than 5 times). The noodles were al dente and soaked up the flavours of the truffles really well. There’s no other gimmicks around, it’s just pasta and black truffle, and both elements stood out. The truffle was so fragrant.

Lombata – $75.00++
400gr of char-grilled striploin on the bone with truffle fries

If I could choose again, I would rather have the Fiorentina steak which is a T-bone with the tenderloin side, like what I had previously and loved. This one is just half of the T-bone. The tenderloin side is more tender. However, the cooking was still good and the doneness was delivered perfectly.

However, I was disappointed with the fries. The type of fries served was different and the truffle aroma wasn’t there somehow. The one I had previously at the old place was the best truffle fries I’ve ever had!

Truffle Gelato – $8.00++

I love this one. The texture of the gelato was perfect without being too choppy/ icy and the truffle aroma was heavenly. This was the best dessert among the 3 I tried.


This tiramisu was not bad, able to rival my favourite Da Paolo tiramisu. It’s quite difficult to find any decent tiramisu in Singapore in my opinion.

Chocolate tart with hazelnut

This one was too dry.

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