Lewin Terrace – Lunch

I have been looking forward to this meal which I booked quite early ahead for the last day of Restaurant Week. Lewin Terrace is a relatively new restaurant which serves French cuisine with Japanese influence. It reminds me of the kind of food I’d get in Tokyo.The restaurant situated in a lone bungalow somewhere hidden up Fort Canning makes it unique too.

For restaurant week, the menu is $40.00++ by default but there are options to top up for other items.

Yellowtail & White Radish “Buridaikon”

This appetizer seems small but I can only describe it as very good! The egg yolk, horse radish cream, ginger foam and shreds of black radish somehow works well together. Taste wise it has set the standards for the rest of the meal.

“Hassun” (+$20.00++)

This was a delight to see. The last I’ve seen “hassun” was at kaiseki dining in Japan and I truly miss the experience. This is probably the closest I’ve seen to my Japan meals and makes this restaurant distinctively Japanese with a dish like that. Basically hassun is an assortment of small bites. While I won’t really say this tastes better than the yellowtail appetizer shown above, it scores more for the novelty.

Squid Noodle “IKASOUMEN”

There’s no noodles here. The “noodles” were made from squid cut into shreds. Again the flavours were nice with I like the texture from the squid in chip, but the portion was too small to actually leave a lot of impression about tge taste. It was basically gone in a bite. This second dish was much smaller than the first portion wise.

“TSUKI” ($8.00++)

I don’t really understand how this is named but perhaps the presentation looked like a crescent moon hence “tsuki” (moon). This is foie gras terrine and duck pastrami. The foie gras terrine combination was towards sweet sour with the pickle and all. The plastic looking transparent thing was interesting.


This is Japanese cod with cous cous, vegetable puree and clam foam. The cod itself was already sweet and tasty, though it may be on the dry side if I had to be critical. Still it was great especially since I love cod.

Wagyu “TOUBANYAKI” ($30.00++)

This is wagyu sirloin from Joshu cattle of Gunma prefecture. I’ve never tried Joshu wagyu before.

You have to cook it yourself over the hot plate provided to desired doneness. This was quite easy to do because the beef was not too thick. Condiments like salt and sauce are provided on the side.


Corn pudding sounds like something common in Japan but I don’t think I’ve had it before, or at least, I’ve never had a memorable one before to remember. This was served with shoyu and caramel ice cream, which got me excited because I’ve heard about shoyu flavoured ice cream in Japan before but never got to try. Firstly, the pudding was delicious. I’m a corn pudding convert. I’m not sure if all corn puddings would taste this good but I love this. The ice cream was not too savoury and I probably wouldn’t think it was shoyu but it matched well.

Because the restaurant looked so beautiful it’s only logical to take a photo!

Dress: Keepsake the label
Bag: Carry Me
Shoes: Carry Me
Lipstick: M.A.C Russian Red
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: I love this restaurant. The closest to French dining in Japan already.
21 Lewin Terrace 
Singapore 179290
Tel: 63339905
Monday to Sunday
Lunch:12pm – 3pm (Last order at 2pm)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 11pm (Last order at 9.30pm)

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