Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant – Dinner

Eurasian is one of the four main racial groups in Singapore but Eurasian food is seldom heard of. People tend to assign Singaporean western food (you know the kind with baked beans) as Eurasian when it comes suggesting what food is representative of each racial group. This restaurant is located really near me but somehow I’ve never found a good enough reason to try. Besides, this is more of a communal dining place so I can’t settle a meal alone here if I wanted to grab a bite near home. All dishes are designed to serve 2 -3 people.

I made my way here on a Saturday night and was surprised to find the place full. I wasn’t expecting this place to be so happening judging by how nobody ever talks about it but I guess the crowd comprises of regulars and customers from the older generation. In fact, one long table was occupied by a group of old folks.

Fish (tamban) keropok and sambal balachan was served complimentary while waiting for our orders. This was addictive and made me half full while waiting.

FRETU BENDI (Fried Okra) – $8.00++

Fresh Ladies fingers are thickly sliced and fried with mustard seed, curry leaves, dried chilies and turmeric.

This dish was recommended on Foursquare and it turned out to be SUPER GOOD. I’ve not eaten lady fingers this good before. The texture of the lady fingers was not slimy at all and was very tender and that was only the secondary reason to why it was so good. What’s was magical was whatever ingredients they fried it with. The flavour was amazing. The taste was completely unfamiliar to me so this must be a uniquely Eurasian thing.

CURRY DEBAL (Chicken) – $18.80++

This fiery curry, made with chili, onion, ginger and blended mustard seed, glorified with bacon bones, chicken cocktails, potatoes, cabbage and cucumber.

Also known as Devil’s Curry, this style of curry is very different from Chinese or Indian curry and it’s really one of a kind. I first tried Devil’s Curry homecooked from a recipe found online and it was so good. Possibly the best curry I ever tried. The leftover paste can even be used to stir fry prawns.

You probably won’t find this served in any other restaurant (unless there’s another Eurasian restaurant around) and can probably be found only in the homes of Eurasian people. I had high expectations that this was going to be good but to my dismay, this wasn’t better than a recipe I found online. This version was sweeter and had no kick or addictive factor.

Of course you need to have these dishes with rice and it is $1.50++ for free flow of rice. Get more rice if you’re gian png!

ICED CHENDOL – $3.80++

An all-time favorite, chendol, kidney beans, attap chee and grass jelly served with shaved ice.

A decent chendol but I would exclude the attap chee next time.

I was really impressed by the fried okra and this was good enough to make me love the experience here despite the underwhelming Devil’s Curry. I now understand why there’s a crowd following this restaurant over the years and I’ll be back for more okra and other dishes for sure!


Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Definitely worth trying for those looking to experience Eurasian food


Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant
139 Ceylon Rd
Level 1 Eurasian Community House
Singapore 429744

Tel: 63480327


Tuesday – Sunday:

Lunch: 11:30am – 2pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm


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